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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-26 08:54:14)
    The way I see it, MT gave the favor to Eller and Galchenyuk by moving Gallagher with them, no? He put his most energic winger with them. BG was playing better than RB at that point.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-26 08:46:43)
    No,no... Trading Plekanec is the stupidest proposal ever, by far. The geniuses who proposed to trade the Bulldogs (entière team, concession stands and hall the rink included) and Gally for Clowe made more sense. One day, maybe, Eller will be as à complete player as Plekanec, but it will be take couple of years, if ever.
  • Comment on Habs given day off after win over Lightning (2013-04-19 14:20:00)
    1) with Diaz probably coing back, I don't see why 2) same line, but with the pressure of those previous losses I think icetime with be better distributed (unless the other team score à couple of fast goals) 3) 4th, Toronto 4) nope he's paid like a 50-60pts player and that's what he will have (even this season, prorated)
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-19 08:55:34)
    Some observations about last night game: 1) galchenyuk got to play more, Markhov less. The return of Diaz may help on the last. 2) why DD Line on the powerplay? Logical, no practice means no changes. Special units are a five (four on PK) men unit. Changing the fowards will screw the game plan for everyone. Then again, they sucked last night. 3) a goalie makes his luck. Most of the time, when you hit a goal post, it's because the goalie left you noting else, sometime it's because his play rushed you to shoot because he is agressive... Sometime it's bad luck too. 4) Moen suck this year... But we need him on the PK, that's why he's still in there. The fourth line was good last night... but not enough to log more ice time than the third 5) yes it was an ugly win to stop an uglyer slump. But, an ugly goal can break a scoreless streak, let's hope the same logic applies here. 6) we will not win the cup. we will not be in the conference finals. but from last to 2nd, if we win just one round, it will be icing on a unexpectedly delicious cake.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at Sabres (2013-04-11 21:32:15)
    And officially in the playoff. Curious to see what MB and MT will say now. They were tiptoeing before refusing to talk about the playoff because there was not "asterix" in the standings.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at Sabres (2013-04-11 21:26:54)
    They traded anyone with a pulse that do not have a stupidly large contract
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at Sabres (2013-04-11 21:24:34)
    I don't like it much. For every 30 seconds of behind the scenes and fairly mild insight, there is 2 minutes of games recap and beauty shot of whatever town there are in. It really isn't as deep as the HBO one. If you like watching players going out of airplanes and into buses, it's for you. Otherwise...
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at Sabres (2013-04-11 21:20:15)
    Quick question. The NHL added a rule against those stupid gloves in the face whenever there's a scrum, did it not? It bothers me. Trash talk, push and shove, fight, okay, it's a aggressive sport and it let some steam out so players can just play after. But 30 seconds of gloves in my face, gloves in your face after every saves, it's so insignificant.
  • Comment on Therrien shuffles lines; Budaj will face Sabres with new contract (2013-04-10 18:23:17)
    1) Right now, Desharnais, but time is running out. Fast. 2) Moen contract ( years, money is fine) 3) in my opinion, everything comes down to the signing character guys like Prust, Armstrong and Bouillon. It changed the room, the way they play, etc. He knew a good team needs this kind of player. 4) Favor, yes. Unfairly, no. It's Montreal, a lot of fans speak only french, it's a special hockey market in more ways than one... And I'm not talking ice time, that's more a veterans versus unproved players. 5) MB 8.5, MT 8
  • Comment on Therrien shuffles lines; Budaj will face Sabres with new contract (2013-04-10 14:36:04)
    What I meant was regarding the terms, the fact that they signed him quicker than maybe necessary, no real bridge contract after only one real NHL year and probably a little bit more money than he would have had elsewhere. I don't think he or Bouillon did deserve to be sign either. And regarding the draft, MB said it himself, if there is a guy from here we have to try everything to get him. He would not do so for a Finn or an American. And again, I think there is nothing wrong with that. It is a particularity of Montreal. That and the bars and the puckbunnies and the tax code.