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  • Comment on Bouillon hopes to keep playing after being released by Canadiens (2014-10-07 13:23:39)
    So basically you were very rude and belittling to an individual who did nothing wrong and even admitted that what her company was doing didn't make sense. Are you expecting that agent to suddenly be able to change everything? Are you just wanting HIO to be impressed? I don't understand your goal or purpose in posting this. All I got out of it is that your tv provider did something dumb, and in response you took your anger out on a poor chat service employee.
  • Comment on New Hab Parenteau can’t wait for training camp to start (2014-08-11 09:29:23)
    I at least hope we are in the running. The AAV of an ELC tops out pretty low, so it really can't hurt anything. It's all about what each club can offer the player as far as guaranteed NHL playing time and things like that. Unfortunately, he probably has other options that can give him a 100% shot at the NHL next year. For us we can only really tell him he has a good chance to beat out Sekac, Bournival, Andrighetto, etc. I also wonder if signing Hayes would be a put off to Sekac who probably would have signed elsewhere if he knew that we'd sign another young winger in front of him.
  • Comment on Habs’ Subban expects arbitrator to decide on his contract (2014-08-01 09:56:11)
    Keith Yandle
  • Comment on Habs’ Subban expects arbitrator to decide on his contract (2014-08-01 09:29:38)
    It may not be the case, but isn't it possible that PK and Meehan are being completely unreasonable in their demands for a long-term contract because they know the cap is going up next year. Why sign long-term now when you could sign for a better deal next year? Maybe they are being unreasonable and practically forcing MB into a one year arbitration deal. Again, it may not be the case. If it were the case though, we would probably never know. Without knowledge that we don't have, it is unfair to blame any particular individuals in this. I'm as disappointed as you are, but we can't point fingers without any information.
  • Comment on Habs’ Subban expects arbitrator to decide on his contract (2014-08-01 09:05:14)
    I really felt like we wouldn't end up having to see this headline today.
  • Comment on Best wishes from HIO to young Habs fan battling meningitis (2014-07-30 11:37:13)
    because he's an RFA with no real leverage. If the Habs choose to stand firm, both sides will go to arbitration tomorrow, and they will hafta bash one another and likely come out with a salary between $6.5-$7 imo. So, if you're PK, and you know that a one year contract WILL be the end result (if the Habs are standing firm) why not take your $8 million straight up, and force their hand next year when the Habs have one last chance at you as an RFA. Yes, it sucks for PK, but that's the life of a RFA.
  • Comment on Best wishes from HIO to young Habs fan battling meningitis (2014-07-30 11:09:48)
    A couple things on my mind...When the Habs send their number to the arbitrator, they know that they will not "win" that exact number. Everyone ends up conceding something in one way or another. So, when MB submits 5.25, he is actually probably hoping to come out around 6-6.5. My other thought is this: Would it really be so bad if Subban and the Habs agreed to a one year $7-8 million deal tomorrow before arbitration hits? I know Subbie has done his bridge already, but is it really so bad for a team to continue asking a player to prove himself before committing for 8 years? This way the Habs can say, "Prove it to me one more time P.K.," and Subban all but has a guarantee of his contract next year provided he has a good year. We also don't end up having to bash one another at an arbitration hearing. I know PK doesn't want to do one year, but if it looks like we are headed to arbitration anyway, wouldn't he probably accept one year at $8-8.5 mil?
  • Comment on Who will be the Habs’ first-round pick? (with Trevor Timmins audio) (2014-06-27 11:48:14)
    I would say it depends entirely on who is left when 26 comes around. If Barbashev or any of the other really intriguing prospects are left then no way.
  • Comment on Who will be the Habs’ first-round pick? (with Trevor Timmins audio) (2014-06-27 09:26:04)
    If that was my goal then my targets would be Mason Raymond, Milan Michalek, and David Booth. Which I would prefer depends entirely on term and money requirements from the players.
  • Comment on Habs’ Bergevin beaten out for NHL’s GM of the Year Award (2014-06-25 16:57:08)
    That is the one thing that has troubled me in the past with hockeystreams. Live games always work just fine for me, but when I watch on-demand games there will be multiple glitch points where it just freezes and will not move unless I rewind or fast forward a few seconds. This is particularly annoying to me because the time bar on the bottom of the screen shows how much time is left every time I have to do that. Occasionally seeing the time bar ruins the drama for me because I am then able to tell whether the game went to overtime (especially problematic for playoff games to know how lo the game went on for). I don't know if this computer is oddly unique to me though, but I'll say I have exceptional internet speed and have tried multiple computers and always have this issue. Aside from that I have been completely happy with hockeystreams.