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  • Comment on About last night … (terse and pithy edition) (2013-05-03 10:48:53)
    TSN Ward's brain thinking on the Eller hit is embarrassing, the first point of contact is the jaw which you see Eller's head go from looking straight to Gryba's shoulder twisting his neck which clearing knocks him out cold before he hits the ice, if contact was on the chest as he says, then you think Eller's body would of fell backwards where the brut force from impact should of been. As Bob says it was a "thin hit" and he went right through his jaw and it was lights out. I believe it wasn't that dirty of a hit and that's what can happen when you get a Sui, back in the day that was a beauty of a hit. With the new rule 48.....one game suspension and lets move on and hope Eller recovers quickly. Less negative whining and more positive support pour les gars!!! Game 2. Price needs to wake up, his cool, calm and collective mentality is starting to turn into big contract, don't care and oh well mentality. Where is the win in this guy because I am not seeing it right now. This is his chance to show that he can pull it off as a elite MVP goaltender. Huge Price fan and supported since day one. But then again Diaz and Gorges are scary and chokin' on moving the puck out of the zone, soft and lazy or just not NHL material. Stick to the game plan, ghost Ryder?
  • Comment on Plekanec’s status will be a game-time decision (2013-04-06 13:12:08)
    Pleks will only play if he's 100%. I don't think we need him to beat this team. Halpern and White have the that 3rd and 4th line grit down the center. Gallychenyuk has much to prove and all the talent to back it up unlike those ugly big nosed plug Booins minus Seguin. Stick to the system and don't chase the puck in the D-zone on breakdowns.