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  • Comment on Liveblog: Senators draw first blood … literally (2013-05-02 22:27:41)
    Can we please take down the pic of Eller? Not appropriate.
  • Comment on Tinordi in lineup, Weber out for Jets game (2013-04-25 01:04:18)
    Longtime reader, very rare commenter. Last week, early in the late-season slide, I posted an apologia for #31. I pointed to various things - the nature of the post-lockout game, long-run stability vs. short-term expectations, and the incredible difficulty of building a roster of skaters over time when you're also searching for an elite goaltender. I still stand by every one of those claims. As far as I can see, nothing in the last week alters the fundamentals: (1) that CP is a conservative goalie who plays the percentages and looks past the immediate hills & valleys for long-run stability, (2) that this is what the Habs need over the long term, so that they can focus on building out the rest of the roster, and (3) that while various goalies may be hotter in a given season (Niemi? Quick? Biron? etc), long-term stability is more valuable to an organization that is looking to generate balanced excellence through the draft and through internal development over the long run. The most provocative claim I made was that Price resembles Dryden & Fuhr in one respect: that he requires a solid D to do their part, and that he's the kind of keeper that is going to help win more 6-5 games than 3-0 games. I still think this is right. This won't stop us from being aggravated during periods of bad play (as Dryden once remarked, until the last 92 seconds of the '72 series, he was the most hated man in Canada). And none of this prevents staff from calling him out on his compete level (Serge Savard did the same to Dryden, albeit as a teammate, back in the old days). Still: remember that the young man is a serious elite athlete, working hard at the details, and will endure his share of ups and downs, and not only this season. And that having him beats the alternative: sacrificing a balanced roster and investment in prospect development to acquire a new goalie every 18 months. (e.g. the Sens didn't find themselves in a good goaltending situation because of planning; it happened because of a *lack* of long-term planning that played out randomly well) Cheers, and GHG!
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-24 14:30:01)
    Interesting: John Tavares' uncle, a Math teacher in Mississauga (also named John Tavares), is the highest-scoring player in the history of indoor lacrosse: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/25/sports/john-tavares-uncle-of-islanders-star-also-knows-how-to-find-the-net.html?ref=global-home
  • Comment on Price will get start against Flyers (2013-04-14 23:03:25)
    Price's playoff record is, in fact, better than you imply. Consider the last 7-game series against Boston, where he was solid, and not the reason why their run ended prematurely. Also, I'm not sure how playing longer in the AHL would have improved his game, particularly during a span of years when we did not have the development and goaltending-coaching infrastructure that we do now. For what it's worth: War & Peace wasn't a sonnet, it was a novel. And William F. Buckley Jr. was to serious political thought what Stephen King was to the novel. GHG!
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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-14 22:42:15)
    I had no idea that there were so many fellow philosophy nerds on here. But I shouldn't be surprised. This isn't Philly, after all...
  • Comment on Price will get start against Flyers (2013-04-14 22:33:45)
    Thanks all for your interesting and engaging comments on my post on the last thread! Maybe I'll show up more often ;) In the meantime, in a spirit of thanks, I give you the Rocket giving a Leaf the treatment and subsequently owning Sean Avery: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cyxAORBWjc
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-14 22:17:31)
    Thanks all! Maybe I'll come back more often :)
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-14 22:16:19)
    Thanks JJR! (When I was in Paris, I went to the Pantheon to see his tomb). Nothing in my comment, i hope, implies that Price, like any other player or member of management, should not be held responsible for the norms appropriate to their role in the team concept. What I'm suggesting is that Price's role, as a goaltender, is different than what many (but not all) of the pro vs anti Price posts have been presupposing. GHG!
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-14 21:17:27)
    Longtime reader, very rare contributor. But I love reading your posts. As a guy who (by some freakishly bizarre pattern of luck) gets to teach philosophy for a living, I also love that some of your avatars include Nietzsche & Rousseau :) I've been thinking a fair bit about Price lately. To my mind, he recalls Dryden: a tall, lanky, introspective guy who, while rarely stealing an entire series that the team shouldn't have won (the way Roy, my childhood hero, did), played the percentages and gave his team solid long-term goaltending on the averages. One thing I learned from reading and learning about Dryden was how - in a way distinct from "stealing" or having "hot" streaks - insanely difficult it is to sustain consistent excellence over many seasons, both mentally and physically. Dryden was up-and-down in particular series ('72, for instance), and was maddening in any one game, but managed a long-term reliability that allowed the organization to focus on acquisitions in other areas of the roster. Grant Fuhr was a more recent example of this kind of contribution, and a more apt comparable to Price from than era that Roy (or Hasek, or, more recently, Quick) would be. That's Price's game, period. He's a chill, introspective, cerebral athlete who focuses on long-term amelioration and technical improvement. He puts the time and the work in. He hates to lose more than the fans do - which, in Montreal, is saying something. But he's not into drama; he's into responding with calm, hard work. And by committing to him, the Habs have been able to focus on development and acquisition in other areas (compare Philly and Tampa in this respect). He is what he is: an elite athlete working on his game and who enables his team, over the long term, to develop a balanced roster and stable of prospects for consistent competitiveness. Consider a thought experiment: if we didn't have a franchise goaltender and a reliable backup already in the picture, how would you build a winning roster under the new salary cap reality? What would you have to give up? Would the resulting roster and stable of prospects be really balanced, both between positions and between short-term and long-term gains? We've got a Dryden on our hands. The organization's job is to build a roster that doesn't require our Dryden to be a Roy. And the fans need to give this preternaturally talented and mature young fellah a break. My two cents. PS Give the boys a break about last night - how many of y'all have done your best work with epic hangovers?