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  • Comment on Fans pack Bell Sports Complex to watch final scrimmage at development camp (2014-07-13 00:52:44)
    Having just watched and listened to the Ann Coulter video,I am disgusted who the hell does she think she is,I am English and I don't like football(soccer) but to denegrate the rest of the world because they adore it ,is nothing but American classlessness. She should check on the history of American football it is derived from rugby,baseball is derived from rounders,basketball is derived from netball,all foriegn games,the Americans have no games they invented them selves,even bowling is derived from skittles. I love the country of Canada, I love ice hockey,but so many people in North America are very insular,even the TV programmes,when ever they do lists,they forget what happens in the rest of the world as if they don't matter,there is no such thing as world news here just the odd bits and pieces,although it has improved in the past 10 years. I am sorry but it is the only thing that annoys me here(and the washing machines,I am 70 years old next week and I had never used a top loader untill I came here and they are awful).I do apologise for the rant but that really got my goat. I knew some one in England who was big in logistics,the world wanted to make a standard at airports,but the USA didn't want anything to do with it if it wasn't their standard,even though there were far superior standards else where in the world. Back to the HABS some one told e the other day when PKs hearing is, but when is Ellers,I hope they get sorted soon. GO HABS GO
  • Comment on Fans pack Bell Sports Complex to watch final scrimmage at development camp (2014-07-12 01:25:55)
    Again I have read that Markov refused the captaincy last time,he was never offered it,he is on record as saying he would take it if it was offered,but he said no one had approached him about it. I don't understand French but i take from the artcle just posted below,that the Weeds had made an offer to PK,I didn't think this was possible as he is going to arbertration. I wish I could have been at the prospects camp,I would love to have seen the future of our team,I only hope that some of them make it before my time is up. I said in 2007 on the HABS site that we should have development managers,when I first heard of the Blues development team,at that time there was only a couple teams that had these,now I think most teams have them,I can't understand why it took so long but it seems we are now doing the right thing by our youngsters. We should really be hearing about our coaching staff soon,I think along with PK and Eller this is the most important decision that MB and MT have to get sorted and quick and I think a new coach for the Bulldogs is reqired,the existing coach does not seem to be doing much. GO HABS GO
  • Comment on Fans pack Bell Sports Complex to watch final scrimmage at development camp (2014-07-11 13:31:41)
    Any one heard the date for PK's arbitraton hearing,Rhiemers is the 20th,why haven't we heard what PKs is ,although I am praying to the hockey gods it doesn't come to that,I think it will not be a good thing,if it does,just want to know he is signed.I don't think MB could let it go all the way,we need PK for a long time. GO HABS GO
  • Comment on (AUDIO) Habs sign Markov to three-year contract; Burns named to Hall of Fame (2014-06-24 02:25:45)
    Signed the petition,called Telus today to check on how I can watch my HABS,they do not have the informatiom to help me at this time,as they have have not recieved anything from Rogers yet. The whole thing is ridiculous,living in Vancouver and being 70 yrs old,they could be taking the highlight of my winter away from me,I can't go out dancing all night anymore,not because I don't have the will,but no longer have the joints. I think I might go down to Rogers Arena with a placard and stand outside there all day,get the local media to come and interview me,it would be quite a human interest story,a 70 year old English grandma who had never watched a hockey game untill 2003,so upset about missing Habs games in Vancouver. GO HABS GO
  • Comment on Rangers, Habs meet in playoffs for first time since 1996 (2014-05-17 02:25:28)
    I love the world cup and watch as many games as I can,I look for youngsters on other teams that could play with our Habs,I love to see players like Ward play for our country,he would never have the chance in the Olympics,and you get to see someof the up and coming countries play. Timo, France has been playing hockey for a long time,the IIHF was formed in Paris in 1921 by France, England, Switzerland, Belgium and Bohemia which is now the Czech Republic,they even have a hockey league in India,there are over 60 countries in the IIHF.When I started watching hockey,I researched hockey around the world,there is a lot of world outside NA. This series is going to be just as hard as the last one,but in a different way,we won't be able to slow down at all,the Rangers are a fast team,almost a mirror image of us,so we have to have a whole new game plan,this will be even more about the coaching.But I think Price can do it, it won't be easy,we will have to take more shots and keep up our speed at all times,I think our transition game is a bit better than theirs.I was 100% sure we would beat the Gooins,just a little bit more worried this series,just hope Chicago beats the kings. GO HABS GO ALL THE WAY
  • Comment on Liveblog: Eastern semifinal Game 7 – Bye-bye Bruins! Canadiens win 3-1, advance to Conference final (2014-05-14 22:15:04)
  • Comment on Habs, Bruins meet for ninth time in a Game 7 (with videos) (2014-05-14 15:12:16)
    As you all squirm on tenterhooks, I can't wait to get this one in the books, Negativity is such a bore, We will win so no need to say more. Hockey this spring has been a joy You know that a teddy bear is just a toy, I am as optimistic as I can be, We will win just watch and see. Those Gooins are going nose down on the ice. They cannot beat our guy Price. They cannot go face flat Their noses are too big for that. Lucic trying to imitate King Kong, What an insult that is just wrong. To play our game does not take muscle It takes speed and skill and the will to hustle. I am not worried about tonight, I know our guys will do it right, Forget about the difference in size Our guys have their sights on the big prize. As I watch the clock hoping that the time will fly, So we can win this game and relax with a sigh, Playing the Rags should be fun, Come on guy get this done. GO HABS GO ALL THE WAY
  • Comment on Habs getting better every game, coach Therrien says (2014-05-08 14:39:11)
    Just reading other threads,still going on about PK and it should have been a penalty shot,totally irrelevent,Carey would have stopped it anyway, there is no way Cp would have let them score on a penalty shot. GO HABS GO ALL THE WAY
  • Comment on Flashback feature: Bruins’ O’Reilly and his great fun vs. Habs (2014-05-08 10:49:11)
    Reading all the remarks on the stretch pass,anybody would think it was a new thing,Pk has been doing it all season,in the first or second game he threw one to Rene who scored,he gave several to Rene but then he was being stopped,so PK stopped sending them to him.When Patches got going,PK started feeding them to him,and he scored quite a few times on them.Sometimes PK would send them high sometimes low,some teams worked it out and didn't leave Patches alone on the blue line,but a lot of the time you would see him there just waiting for PK to clear it to him,this has been a set play all season.On the penalty kill as soon as we get hold of the puck Pleks would move to the back waiting for a pass to breakaway. I don't know why it is such a suprise to everyone,but I just wish it hadn't been noticed so much now, it was quietly getting us a lot of goals throughout the season.Now of course it means that any team that is playing us will be watching for this,this means their D has to be aware and can't get into the play in our zone,so I suppose that can be a good thing too. I don't know if it was MT who thought this one up as a set play or it just happened,but it was really good while it lasted. GO HABS GO ALL THE WAY
  • Comment on Bruins denounce racist comments about Habs’ Subban (2014-05-02 14:40:17)
    Been reading through different threads,what a laugh there are really some idiots on the net. PK and twitter,he will ignore it he is above all that,he will put it down to where it comes from, I actually read on NHL some one call PK m man,I read on one thread that everybody on the team hates PK,don't have to say anymore,they know as much about our team as we do,which is basically all you can see,because we do not see them one on one,or as a collective when no camera's are present. I am not worried about the DD line,Chara just sat on DD all game,so he couldn't play,Patches was pretty much covered,so he couldn't play that left Vanek with no one to play with,hate to admit it but CJ did a good job with that,MT tried to give him a chance on the other lines,but that didn't work,so it is up to MT to find a way out of this,which I think he will,or he might just sacrifice the DD line so the other lines can do what they do,the B's can't cover all the lines. I want Bournaville back he is much quicker and can shoot,not frightened I think he is mature enough,he has shown it since he came up. So MT gave the guys the day off,I have seen many complaints on here because of the time off they get,Mt is very crafty wouldn't you want to play well for a coach who gives you the time that MT does,mind games. Carey what can you say,it was a Gooins fan who named him Jesus Price,bet he biting his tongue now. Love that some one sent a HABS emblem with WE ARE THE NORTH to TSN. Just biding my time untill 9.30 in the morning,love our team. GO HABS GO ALL THE WAY