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  • Comment on Preseason Game 3: Bulldogs edge Avs in QC (2014-09-27 08:24:31)
    I just wish we could have seen Conner Crisp this pre season. I was so proud of the kids last night,none of them were fazed by the stars on the Aves,that was a full character line up,they didn't stop trying right to the end,the Aves seem to give up and start the rough stuff,our kids did us proud. GO HABS GO
  • Comment on Preseason Game 2: Galchenyuk hero in OT as Canadiens down Avs (2014-09-25 19:51:13)
    For some reason I can't get the game on TSN 690,I listened to the last game there,but now when I press listen now I just get a blank page. HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!! I don't speak French so it has to be an english radio channel,can't stream video live my computer is so old I'm afraid to update so I can stream live video,please help me I am missing the game. GO HABS GO
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens edge Bruins 3-2 to open preseason (2014-09-23 17:44:41)
    Same as last time,I just posted on the last thread again,takes me so long to type,not going to type again,but it's more of the same,the photo on this thread,just proved my point. GO HABS GO
  • Comment on P.K. Subban won’t be in lineup for pre-season opener vs. Bruins (2014-09-23 17:37:18)
    Maritime Ronn quoted my post about fighting and said this ultraistic view could also be made for the fast food waste bin feeding the starving in the world.This is exactly what I mean most of us in the west live their nice lives,and ignore what is happening in the rest of the world.Everything should be thought of as Global this is the young generations world,and we have already brought it on it's last legs.When my children were young( they are 52 and 51 now) if they ever fought I used to say to them if siblings can't get along how do you expect countries too.when countries fight it means war and that means suffering and death to many people. You teach by example,fighting should never be present in front of the young,there is a piece of film about a fight at a Gooins game and a kid is there standing on the seat no shirt and the spoked B on his torso,yelling for all he is worth,he can be no more than 8 years old,this is disgusting,it makes me feel sick. Most of you have never been present in the aftermath of a bomb,or had your loved ones away at war( I know some have) Fighting in any shape or form is a war of somekind even if it's between 2 opponents.Darwin was wrong we did not evolve mentallywe are still savages.
  • Comment on P.K. Subban won’t be in lineup for pre-season opener vs. Bruins (2014-09-23 14:40:23)
    I posted on the last thread,last post as usual, what I think about fighting,when there are kids fighting to stay alive in many parts of the world,being forced to shoot their own familys,and here grown men want kids to fight just for entertainment,there is something radically wrong with our society,when brutalism is entertaining. I also posted about the Oilers employing a figure skating champion as skating coach,this is something I have advocated for a number of years,I know several other teams are doing it,it would help some of our youngsters improve their skating.All the participants in Battle of the Blades say they have never skated better,after learning to figure skate,Canes Skinner was a junior champion at figure skating,just watch him on the ice. If Sherback gets sent down to Everett I shall be able to see him when they play Vancouver,can't wait first time they play Van is Nov 7th,this is the only way I can see any of our kids or even the NHL team. GO HABS GO
  • Comment on Habs’ top pick Scherbak shines in Bell Centre debut (2014-09-23 12:37:40)
    So the Oilers have employed David Pelletier as skating coach,they are not the first team to employ a figure skating champion to improve skating on the team,this is something I have been an advocate of for years,just as I was advocting a development team for our kids,are we going to be nearly last to get a skating coach as usual. It makes me want to cry when I see grown men wanting kids to fight,simply to be entertained,when there are kids fighting all over this world simply to stay alive and gain freedom of oppression,or being forced to fight by the oppressers.What kind of society are we when seeing two young men fighting is entertaining,although I love the game of hockey,I find the fighting apect of the game simply horrifying,the sooner they ban it the better,then we can watch hockey as it should be skill speed and talent,I know it's much better to watch some one like Patches play than Parros fight,goals win games not fights. GO HABS GO
  • Comment on Parenteau scores again in Habs scrimmage (2014-09-21 14:19:00)
    If Pleks was playing his best,the kids would have nothing to do,this is a showcase for the kids not the vets,we need to see how they play without him making them better,he is watching them to see what they need to do to make them better,I think this has come from above,I noticed the same from Marky,where he would usually be right in it he was watching one of the kids,when they start playing games you will see a difference.I know that you watch Pleks in the preseason he is never at his best then when the real games start,you see the difference. GO HABS GO
  • Comment on Habs will go with four alternate captains this season (2014-09-15 12:58:58)
    If anyone can find it,Markov said in an interview when we were without a captain before,when he was asked if he would like to be captain,he said he had not been offered it but if he was he would take it. This interview was in 2009 or 2010,I remember it distinctly,Ilove Markov's interviews he has such a dry sense of humour,I may be getting on in years but I can still quote a class I had in college.When doing my master of wines course,I never read a book just listened to the lectures and passed with flying colours,this is what my memory is like for the spoken word. Markov said he was never offered the C but would take it if offered. Four A's is fine by me let them earn the C,but I think it will go to the younger players,MB seems to like the young vets. GO HABS GO
  • Comment on Odds against a Habs rookie cracking lineup this season (2014-09-12 13:25:20)
    Thanks Chris for confirming what I have always maintained,that Markov did not turn down the C he was never offered it.As for Pleks putting his legs up,he had been skating forever,I am sure I would put my legs up for a rest if I had been in that situation,as for the penalty he got for embellishment,he didn't he was just moving his head out of the way of the stick,purely a reflex action,even the analysts at the game said that,I think Pleks is great C material,he has as much character as anybody on the team and nobody works harder,he bleed HABS took a home town discount and has been voted the most underated player in the league by the players,as for trading him the hole would be too big to fill Watching the Sherbak video one of the goals he got was just like a lot of Pleks goals,off the sideboards and into the net,love it when he does that. Max or PK for the C and touting for that,I see no reason why they shouldn't,I am a great believer in "if you got it flaunt it"no problem with blowing your own trumpet,better than false modesty anyday,when I do something well I get a lot of satisfaction from that,and want to share it. I don't care who's captain as long as we do well this season give it to Gally he will whip everybody into shape,even if it's just by example and he's not afraid to say what he feels or even Eller,he will say it like it needs to be said,there is nobody on the team that I can say I would hate as captain. GO HABS GO ALL THE WAY
  • Comment on AUDIO: Former Habs captain Saku Koivu announces his retirement (2014-09-10 12:31:55)
    Saku was an inspiration,to many who met him,I hope he comes back to see us sometimes,happy retirement Saku. Any one following the franchise face off on TSN,It's our Carey against Crosby the voting is 50.7 for Crosby 49.3 for Carey so go to TSN and vote for Carey,love to see him win. GO HABS GO