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  • Comment on Here’s something for Habs fans to celebrate (2013-10-03 08:47:34)
    You know what? I thought about it...I'm just worried he won't play enough games. All his fighting PIMs and hits would do wonders in my league. In case anyone is curious / for any of the fantasy gurus out there, league is based on goals, assists, +/-, PIMS, PPP, SHG, SOG, HIT, BLK with goalies having W, GA, SV, SHO. In a 14 player league I think I have a pretty solid team: C: Getzlaf / M. Koivu / Hanzal RW: Callahan / Brown / Vrbata / Chiasson LW: Pacioretty / E. Kane / Perron D: Subban / Doughty / Bogosian / Schenn/ Bieksa / R. Murray G: Quick / Thomas
  • Comment on Here’s something for Habs fans to celebrate (2013-10-03 08:41:07)
    As a change of pace from all this talk of fighting. Who do you think will be the most impressive young defenseman this year? Disclaimer: I will fully use the information I gather here in my fantasy league. I'm thinking Trouba > Murray > Jones Thoughts?
  • Comment on Parros released from hospital; out indefinitely (2013-10-02 13:00:58)
    Agreed...some posters here are awesome and they are the reason I keep coming back. Like that guy "Commandant" I think? During the draft, he is awesome to have around. Hadn't caught on to the avoiding liveblog tip...maybe I'll stick to that! :p
  • Comment on Parros released from hospital; out indefinitely (2013-10-02 12:52:56)
    Lol...seriously, thanks for proving my point. I am based in reality, I'm not saying every player on the Habs is amazing and this is the team we're going to win the Cup with. I like a lot of our players (especially the youth core). I also don't like some players (whose names I will leave out of the discussion for now). I'm just soooo sick of reading comments like this on this website. Right now, this is our team, if you don't want to cheer for them then please keep your mouth shut and stop antagonizing everoyne else minding their own business and making intelligent comments. These intelligent comments won't ALWAYS be positive, I understand, but I'm juts sick of the irrational stupidity around some people feeling the need to constantly put our team down and who never have anything positive and / or meaningful to say. Please bring your constructive criticism to the table...I think it promotes a great discussion but leave your unwarranted bashing and broken record non-sense somewhere else.
  • Comment on Parros released from hospital; out indefinitely (2013-10-02 12:14:43)
    Rarely post on here but generally enjoy reading comments from a few of my favorite contributors. My thoughts on last night and the Habs / HIO in general are: A) we played a great game. Had a few costly mistakes but liked the play of most of our guys B) our 4th line was awesome. The number of chances they got before Parros was injured was hilarious C) Price looks like he's going to have a great season. Was a little out of position at times but now seems much more able to make those awesome desperation saves. I liked what I saw D) while I have the misfortune of being constantly surrounded by Leafs fans, their outlook in general is actually quite refreshing and a welcomed change from what I see on HIO more often than not. They have undying loyalty to their players and while they will admit when someone makes a mistake they're constantly optimistic. Some perceive this as annoying but it's a stark contrast to what I see on this site day after day of people complaining about everything this team had to offer and saying we're a bust after one game. I love my Habs and its demoralizing to read comments on here sometimes. E) also, ban Timo. I hate his snarky comments, crappy attitude, and his passionate hatred for almost everything about this organization. I think others feel the same. He is single handedly ruining some people's experience on this forum
  • Comment on Habs sign White for one year; Big Mac lands in London (2013-07-20 15:17:55)
    This new re-alignment makes no sense to me. 1) Why are we over-complicating the playoff structure? While I agree that the old format was flawed (teams from the Southeast could be in 9th place and 3rd the next day), this isn't baseball and I hate the whole idea of wild cards and the like. 2) More teams in one conference than the other??? 3) Why are Florida and Tampa Bay in our division? Just looking at the map, it seems it would make more sense for Pittsburgh and Columbus to be in ours? 4) Metropolitan division?? WHAT is going on?
  • Comment on McCarron signs entry-level contract, off to Knights; Duffy signs with ‘Dogs (2013-07-12 19:42:58)
    There's a great place here in NYC called Adrienne's. The spicy sausage with onions and arugula is amazing.
  • Comment on Habs select McCarron in first round, Rosèmere native Fucale in second (2013-07-01 14:35:04)
    That's what I'm saying...was it not worth taking the chance on missing out or was McCaron a much more competitive asset than we're thinking?
  • Comment on Habs select McCarron in first round, Rosèmere native Fucale in second (2013-07-01 13:34:39)
    My preliminary analysis of the McCarron pick is the following. I like him, I like the move to acquire more size and grit and think that he will develop nicely. However, the draft all comes down to supply and demand. Was the demand for McCarron really so high that we couldn't have risked picking him later in the draft? Could we not have taken Zykov/Erne then De la Rose THEN McCarron? Correct me if I'm wrong but I hadn't heard anyone talking about him until he was picked...even he was surprised!
  • Comment on Habs select McCarron in first round, Rosèmere native Fucale in second (2013-06-30 19:42:57)
    Would anyone else have preferred to see the Habs trade up and get someone like Mantha...I really liked that guy and he didn't go that far ahead of our pick