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  • Comment on How about those Habs! (2013-03-04 13:23:28)
    Thats something I really dislike. Its only worth looking if something bad actually happened. Colton Orr tried to shatter Plek's knee in that 6-0 game, charged across two zones and blatantly stuck his knee out. But because Plek got out of the way, "no harm no foul" and it was ignored. There shouldnt have to be a successful malicious move to warrant a reaction.
  • Comment on How about those Habs! (2013-03-04 13:15:58)
    3-4 of the pens goals were the habs letting them walk into the slot uncontested. Sure you expect your goaltender to bail you out on those usually, but it doesnt change the fact it happened way too often that game.
  • Comment on How about those Habs! (2013-03-04 13:08:48) Look at it yourself bro, Emelin's stick is in ONE hand (which makes it impossible to cross check) and pointed down towards the ice (which once again, makes it impossible to cross check). EMELIN DID NOT CROSS CHECK SEGUIN, plain and simple.
  • Comment on How about those Habs! (2013-03-04 13:01:19)
    I'm using this pic again explain to me how Emelin was able to deliver a cross check to Seguin (59.1 Cross-checking - The action of using the shaft of the stick between the two hands to forcefully check an opponent.)
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-04 11:31:35)
    I keep hearing about this devastating cross check that Emelin delivered to Seguin that the refs missed... I didnt know you can cross check someone across the ribs with your stick pointed at the ice.