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  • Comment on About last night … (2011-11-24 01:29:56)
    If the Montreal Canadiens organization truly wants its fans to believe that it is committed to winning the Stanley Cup, then they need to address the Gomez situation asap. It is clear that his abilities do not match the cap burden his salary puts on the team. If he is considered a 'good' veteran in the room for the young guys, then it can be easily surmised that he would be 'great' providing the same function in Hamilton. In that capacity he would be an asset to the organization. They can still buy him out if such a clause is included in the new CBA, and thus won't be saddled with it any further in any way moving foward. How can the Habs continue to justify their biggest cap hit being spent on an unproductive, unorthodox and perplexing player. Its not about Scott Gomez anymore, its about the Montreal Canadiens. Its about showing your fans that winning is paramount.
  • Comment on Comment: Was silence golden for Price? (2010-09-23 02:41:37)


    really...this article is exemplifies exactly what is wrong with the Habs...and it's not Carey Price.

    you think he should give you cliches, he doesn't, and you call him out...pathetic my friend...

    It's a freakin pre-season game man...pre-season...what is wrong with you?

    if you love this team then you should be criticising the losers in the stands who boo their players...

    i hope this piece of crap article gets removed from the web site...

    the problem with the Habs is the media...period

    way to start the year off buddy

  • Comment on Not easy (2008-01-16 04:34:26)
    the future is now (and will be for a long time)