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  • Comment on Armstrong returns to Habs lineup; Moen will be healthy scratch (2013-04-23 13:28:31)
    To Habs001: Yes, and Toronto has been getting the better goaltending . . . if Price can turn things around, then the Habs can beat Toronto, but if not, it may be a short run. I think the Gazette's sportswriter Todd was right when he said no more excuses for Price - get it together now, or stop with the pretending. Having Prust and Moen rested and healthy will help with the physicial play, and getting the PK going again would be a big plus, but all that won't matter if we don't get good goaltending.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-27 12:03:26)
    Price was great last night - he challenged shooters, moved out to the edge of the crease to cut down angles, and was seeing the puck. If he can just do that on a regular basis, and if Prust, Bourque and Diaz get back soon, and the rest stay healthy, this team can compete with the best of them. One more big guy up front would be great; Eller skating to the net, instead of around it in circles, would be good; a little more toughness out of Tinordi - and who knows: cup 25?
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-25 14:00:16)
    This addition of the Habs is one of the best I've see in a long time (and I've been around almost 60 years). When Prust, Bourque and Diaz get back and rolling, they will do even better. The weak link is Price - they are winning in spite of him. Yes, he has lots of wins, but those wins aren't his doing - the team in front of him is keeping the shots down, and low percentage (hence also the good save percentage). Price hasn't WON any games for them, and the Habs have LOST some games running into better goalies. Price is overdue to start winning games for the team, and prove that he is the super-star goalie that other teams like us to think he is. Patrick Roy used to let in some soft goals, too, but had such a compete level that when the game was on the line, he was amazing, and they won two cups just because of him. Price is still too "manana". But, I admit my bias - I was a Halak fan, and never did get over management choosing Price over Halak after he had been so dominate in the playoffs. I don't think current management would have done that.
  • Comment on Fluky goal put Pacioretty on a roll (2013-03-05 13:39:01)
    Therrien didn't luck out in choosing Budaj over Price - he had no choice. Price was playing like a deer caught in headlights. Man, he is one awful goalie: drops down too soon, and at the wrong times; plays too deep in the net; gets caught out of position; weak blocker side; too often can't see pucks shot from a distance; seems disinterested in finding or fighting for the puck. Really, the solid "team defense" is making him look better than he is, and plain dumb luck says that some pucks are just going to hit you, even if you can't see them, and can't move. No cup for my Habs, so long as Price is the go-to goalie.
  • Comment on Fluky goal put Pacioretty on a roll (2013-03-05 13:31:44)