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Fire it up, get 'er goin'. Grind it up, Travis Moen.

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  • Comment on HI/O Show: Nilan throws an elbow as Habs head to playoffs (2014-04-03 12:39:28)
    I couldn't agree more, HabinBurlington. Murray wasn't brought in for his incredible 5-on-5 play, nor was he brought in to be a top 4 (or even top 6) defenseman. His role is simple: bring toughness to the lineup. I don't think you can argue that he's failed in that assignment. What Murray brings to the lineup can't be measured in +/-, TOI, or even advanced statistics. His impact on the game is intangible, but I guarantee you his teammates are more comfortable playing when he's in the lineup. Fire it up, get 'er goin'. Grind it up, Travis Moen.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 57 – Canadiens douse Flames 2-0 (2014-02-04 22:04:26)
    I wonder if Chicago would consider moving Bryan Bickell for the right price. The price I have in mind is Gionta+. Pouring over the Blackhawks roster, there's a marked lack of offensive depth in the bottom six. Adding a Stanley Cup winner and shedding Bickell's salary in one move has to be at least partially enticing to Stan Bowman. Bickell has been a healthy scratch of late, and he has 10 points (8 goals) on the season. He's struggling this year after a big playoff performance and an even bigger raise. He's had some offensive success in the past, and he still has time to grow. He's not a full-time top 6 winger at this point, but he's a better option on Plekanec's left wing than Briere. That said, Briere has impressed me with his play since being reunited with Plekanec. A line combo of Bickell-Plekanec-Briere could be just the right mix. But it's a gamble. A big one. One that Bergevin (whose only trade this season has been decidedly minor) might not be willing to make. My question: if you're MB, do you make that trade? If Chicago was interested, is it worth taking on Bickell's salary for the size and (potential) scoring touch he'll add? I await your expertise, ladies and gentlemen.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 30 – First place, baby! (2013-12-05 17:27:59)
    D Man, I am in complete agreement with that sentiment. Having lived in both Northern and Southern Ontario, I have seen more than my fair share of unwarranted, in-your-face Leafs fandom. It grows tiresome. The only reprieve I have is the games we beat them. That, and my daily glance at the division standings. Don't get me wrong. Beating the Bruins feels damn good. Especially on days like this one, with first place (temporarily) on the line. However, bad blood and recent history notwithstanding, I would rather take those 2 points from Toronto any day of the week. Something about the undeserved and unconditional pride in a losing franchise among the majority of hockey "fans" in my area is enough to make me sick on most days. That's why, without fail, every game we beat Toronto is worth two wins against Boston. At least that's the case for me--in Ontario. I can definitely understand hating Boston above all else if you're not subject to the daily stupidity of the common Leafs fan, though. For tonight, however, there's no enemy more putrid than the Bruins. GO HABS GO! Fire it up, get 'er goin'. Grind it up, Travis Moen.
  • Comment on Parros, Murray join Habs teammates for practice (2013-10-25 15:36:52)
    While I can agree that Murray has pylonesque attributes in terms of his skating, there is no denying the physicality he brings both along the boards--and, as Mike has noted--in front of Carey Price. Provided he plays in place of Bouillon--who himself is not the most light-footed of defenders--I think his presence can only serve to benefit the team. -Fire it up, get 'er goin'. Grind it up, Travis Moen.
  • Comment on Habs deal Cole to Stars for Ryder (2013-02-26 19:40:02)
    Greetings all, Long time reader, first time poster. Here's how I view the deal. In Ryder, the Habs get a proven (albeit inconsistent) goal-scorer who is right-handed and has had previous success with the team. He is a free agent after the season--as opposed to Cole--and gives the team more options moving forward. Moreover, he's Canadian (I can be slightly biased in regards to nationality when it comes to hockey--I swear I'm open-minded and forward-thinking, however!) Cole was clearly underperforming this season and I think the change of scenery will do him good. I'm also confident that Ryder will continue to score at a respectable pace while with the CH. My only concerns are that a) team chemistry can be a fickle thing, and this trade could have an adverse negative impact, and b) Ryder has a track record marked by inconsistency. But then, so did Bourque, and that trade--concussion notwithstanding--seems to have worked out quite well (especially when you factor in the second round pick in what's shaping up to be a deep draft). At any rate, I like the deal. The third rounder is a throw-in in my opinion. It certainly doesn't hurt to have as many draft picks as the Canadiens do in the upcoming draft. Fire it up, get 'er goin'. Grind it up, Travis Moen.