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  • Comment on Welcome to the “Knuckles Korner”! (2013-10-24 11:21:19)
    I want to personally thank the people behind HIO in making it real. Knuckles, you look and sound great not to mention knowledgeable. What a pleasure to hear honest comments about the game and knowing that the people making these comments are high-quality and actually care about the players and the game itself. Would be nice if the rest of the hockey world paid attention to this show. Again, many thanks to the HIO team and Knuckles especially. You're a great influence on our kids. Not like the clown on CBC. Twokaie
  • Comment on Demers joins the guys on HIO (2013-03-26 10:37:55)
    Stu, Dave, thank you for this episode. It's always refreshing to hear stories from the battlefield. Mr. Demers has such great insights from behind the scenes. These stories help identify successes and errors committed throughout the history of our Habs and one would only hope that today's leaders of this franchise will learn from them. PS: Do you think that Mr. Scotty Bowman would accept and invite to be on your show? It would be a WOW moment for a lot of fans. Again, please keep up the good work. Twokaie
  • Comment on Knuckles drops the gloves for HIO (2013-02-23 11:04:32)
    What a refreshing show gentlemen. Please keep up the interesting conversations and views as this is probably the closest thing to an honest review that I have seen in a while. I'm tired of all the "canned" answers I hear all the time. Congrats to all involved in this show. Twokaie