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  • Comment on Laraque throws helmet into federal political ring; carves Parros (2013-07-09 13:54:18)
    I'm not sure if the emoticon indicates sarcasm. Unfortunately it's hard to interpret sarcasm in text, so I will respond as literally as possible. No, I do not mean that G. Parros, a 6.5, 222lb human being with minimal lateral movement, would jump in front of Bourque, taking Orr's fist squareto his own moustached face. Granted (as you have noted), my knowledge of hockey is limited compared to your own, Mr. Hansen. However, I am in no place to question the knowledge of Therrien and his coaching staff, and would have to assume that they would have played Parros towards the end of such a lopsided game, thus deterring, or at least deflecting the attention of that symian, Colton Orr. I am not sure if Orr would be scarred (though perhaps, physically if he was cut above the eye), nor would he be scared. He would, with his limited brain power, be motivated to exercise his dominance by trading blows with the other Alpha male. As for your comment that "fighting is so stupid and so are enforcers!" [sic], I would tend to agree. Unfortunately, we live in a period of hockey that mirrors their game plan after the military strategies of the Cold War, where arm races, and weapon buildups appear to be the only course of action. Obviously, this is as backward and silly as it was in the Cold War, but there really is no alternative when jowly thugs like Randy Carlyle and Claude Julien continue to play their goons.
  • Comment on Laraque throws helmet into federal political ring; carves Parros (2013-07-09 12:56:27)
    One wonders what would have happened if Parros was on the ice instead of R. Bourque when Toronto started "running around." I suspect that Bourque wouldn't have missed the last quarter of the season with a concussion courtesy Orr's meaty fist. Similarly, I would hazard to guess that Prust and White would have been more durable for the playoffs (and more effective), without having to worry about throwing their ragged bodies into every punch and hit.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at Rangers (2013-02-19 22:54:23)
    Montreal has beaten every team in the Eastern Conference except for Boston, Toronto, and Pittsburgh. Also, rarely do I complain, but TSN pisses me off. I am curious as to their explanation for posting Tortorella's post-game interview in which he says "it was one of the worst hockey games [he] has ever been a part of," and that "these were two bad teams playing." [sic] To my knowledge (and the video evidence is pretty clear), TSN rarely posts any non-canadian interview in which a Canadian team participates. I am nitpicking.