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  • Comment on Theodore among former Habs available in free-agent pool (2013-06-21 03:05:25)
    Can't afford a #1 center....no cap room. I would like to see habs get: Morrow for the 3rd line or maybe 2nd line w DD and Pac. Tough, physical, smart and Leadership. Habs NEED this guy! He can show the way against Boston, Tor, Ott etc. Cooke from Pittsbrg....will be reasonably priced but is a perfect 3rd or 4th liner who Never backs down, never passes up a hit and plays his role as well as Prust (except he can't fight heavyweights). Moen needs to be waived. Bye to Armstrong. Fistric and Roszival or Hannan. Include Gorges in a trade perhaps. Wouldn't mind Handzus for 1 or 2 years but prob too expensive after his playoff showing. All the above can come fairly cheap except Morrow..... and Cooke may need to be in the 2.5 mill range to lure him.
  • Comment on Habs’ Therrien not among Jack Adams Award finalists (2013-05-17 16:08:02)
    Also agree. Add the kicked in goal and missed scoring chances (eg. Bourque's open net miss in 1st period of last game) we get e result we have. Now, should MT adjust the system to allow for less wear and tear next season? I disagree w MB about it taking a long time to change a team. I believe that we only need a couple of bigger wingers w grit and a big, shutdown defenseman who will also clear the crease and we're in the mix. 1 or 2 ufa's and a trade is not too hard to do imo. I guess the one big gap is a scoring winger to replace Ryder.
  • Comment on Size isn’t a problem with Habs, Plekanec says (2013-05-15 15:14:49)
    I never saw the game but who needs to. It's part of the same old reff'ing issue in the nhl: there's no consistencey whatsoever! It's controlled by the gm's and the league.... NOT according to the rulebook. The majority of gm's want old school, anything goes ref'g while the league wants to create certain matchups to help tv ratings and thus have better US exposure and ad revenue. This reduces the best team sport on earth to the product we see every year: thuggery on ice, no holds barred. Aka, the National Headhunting League. Sad but true.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-05-08 02:06:32)
    Yeah, good answer, seems very reasonable. It sure sets up a very interesting off season in Mtl!
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-05-08 01:14:05)
    I truly believe MB will address the toughness/grit issue. Yet I do wonder why he didn't do so this season already.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-05-08 01:10:47)
    Wow, never realized that. No wonder I've been depressed for the last 3 years!
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-05-08 00:59:17)
    If the Habs play game 5 like they played tonight they still have a good chance to win that game and put some real pressure on Ottw in 6 and 7. Some how I don't feel that we're out of it, however, depending on the injury list I may reconsider come Thursday. I don't like to whine but the National Headhunting League (called it that for about 8 years now) clearly has the the most uneven, inconsistent and poorly trained and managed referees in major sports. They are embarrassing. And how can the league allow a kicked/redirected goal in with replay review??? Just look at the crosscheck to PK's head in game 3, 10 seconds in w all ref's and linesmen looking on!! Is there anything remotely professional or rational about that?? Kudos to the Habs tonight though. Still behind you boys.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-05-06 03:18:25)
    I'll be very curious to see how MB will address the lack of grit and size this off season. Will he trade a couple picks for this or trade or sign some ufa's ?? I too am not sold on Colberg, Bozon, Hudon (though I love his hockey sense). I do think we could use Kristo's speed though. I could foresee Pleks, Price, Gorges, Diaz, maybe Bourque or even DD (if he's packaged w someone) and maybe some of our Prospects (see above) or Bulldogs like LeBlanc, Ellis but hopefully not Beaulieu. I'd love to see Ufa's like Torres and Morrow get signed. We need guys like this Badly.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-05-06 02:57:09)
    Agree w you. Habs held their own in the fights and certainly went down fighting. What bothers me some though is that they were going after the small guys at the end: Conacher, Turris. I can see Gallagher going w Conacher but why are Bourque and, especially, Prust crosschecking him? Pk lost it which again I can understand but he can't be swinging at a defenseless guy (Turris) on his back! If he'd connected there, PK may be out for the rest of the series!! But the refs were effing awful as mentioned. How can they miss the blatant crosscheck to Pk's head on the 1st shift, and then another penalty soon after on the same shift (can't remem off hand). The refs were so 1 sided it was ridiculous. I thought the Habs looked tired by the 2nd and couldn't make a pass or hustle to pucks or break up the ice. BUT, it could easilly have been a very diff game had Diaz or whoever put in that crossice backdoor pass from Markov (i think!) in the 1st half. Or had Plek's shot off the post in the 2nd gone in. Those were key misses by Mtl tonight and may become a series changer. I see where you're going re Budaj but we may as well see what Carey has left for the next game at the least. I love the guy but he may need to be moved soon, especially bec of his salary. (Still shaking my head re DD's salary......a big mistake, sadly). Next game will show if the coaches can prove their worth re adjustments, at least MT and Gallant. Hopefully MT won't lose his focus due to being "humiliated". (Wish he'd used a different word). But at least we went down swinging for a change. Let's not give up on our team yet people. It ain't over yet.
  • Comment on About last night … (terse and pithy edition) (2013-05-03 04:23:16)
    Good post. I'd say the primary point of contact was his face which is part of the head. He was unconscious after the immediate contact if you look closely. That clearly makes it a check to the head, even if it was not intended to be. Falling face first on the ice was not the primary cause of injury imo. It is obvious that his head was hit. Just watch it snap back so immediately, as gruesome as it is. And you're right. He was in a vulnerable position bec it was his blindside. Those hits are going to cripple someone soon. I can't believe it hasn't happened yet.