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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-11 09:26:00)
    Good Morning, first thing I'd like to say is shouldn't you guys consider a name change after last game .... habs inside out ....OUCH!!!! I love therriens reply to the orr incident we get a 4 minute power play , he puts Moen and Armstrong on right away and these bone heads try to play hockey... HELLO like what do u want the coach to do hold up a tv timeout cue card .. " guys we jost got tossed around can u go out there and make a statement we don't have enough toilet paper to wipe the crap out of the rest of the midgets" Moen at close to 2 mill a season and we buy out gomez at least he provided the media with some sound bites .I know driftwood that has more heart than Moen . concerned fan that has been sleeping with the lights on since saturday afraid that the leafs might come to town again george