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  • Comment on Liveblog: Islanders at Canadiens (2013-02-21 18:40:59)
    I could totally see us trading for Robyn Regehr, he would totally be an upgrade on Defense and would add a physical edge that we need. Plus, I can't think of a better guy to show Tinordi the ropes and act as a mentor to him. Get it done MB!!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Islanders at Canadiens (2013-02-21 17:34:31)
    good point, but the posts themselves were pretty weird, kinda made NUNACANADIEN look like a pillar of sanity and intelligence.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Islanders at Canadiens (2013-02-21 17:33:26)
    I wonder who the youngest poster on HIO is......
  • Comment on Liveblog: Islanders at Canadiens (2013-02-21 17:27:27)
    he is a tremendous leader, but is a role player defense-wise. It's not a stretch to say that he would be a #5 or #4 D on any other team. He reminds me a lot of Craig Rivet, only less physical. I could see trading him eventually, but certainly not this season, and certainly not right now.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Islanders at Canadiens (2013-02-21 17:24:15)
    is it just me, or was HIO pretty strange last night??? some dude commented like 167,000,000 times and his comments were all really short and a little immature. I'm wondering if he had a limited understanding of the English language............
  • Comment on Liveblog: Islanders at Canadiens (2013-02-21 16:54:04)
    The Habs had better be on their toes tonight, this looks just like the kind of game that we should win by a huge margin, but lose out of laziness and contentedness. The Islanders have some pretty good forwards and a half-decent defense, their goal-tending is streaky though, and their defencemen are small and older (Streit, Visnovsky). We must be aggressive on the forecheck, drive to the net repeatedly, and never let our guard down, the Isles got pounded by the flyers a few days ago, the'll be itching to bounce back. The Habs have no reason to not win six in a row, the ball is in their hands and the line is close, all they have to do is not drop the damn thing........
  • Comment on Liveblog: Islanders at Canadiens (2013-02-21 16:46:56)
  • Comment on GM Bergevin must be smiling (2013-02-20 22:03:07)
    Re HabinBurlington: not that it matters at all, but i'm suddenly curious about what exactly you heard re Lemieux. I only heard the typical benign bar stuff common in dudes in their 20's who have a lot of money, but this was before the days of internet and he was probably really good at covering his tracks. Guys like Corson or Chelios were obviously not as good at covering their tracks.......
  • Comment on GM Bergevin must be smiling (2013-02-20 20:14:53)
    Re HabINBurlington: The question is not weather or not an individual frequents watering holes, so much as how they act inside said establishments and weather or not they get caught with their pants down (figuratively or literally). Patrick Kane is a perfect example of someone who manages to get caught in a compromising situation at least once a month, the amount of Patrick Kane stories out there is truly mind-boggling it's a miracle that he's even still alive IMO....... Take this for an example: both Guy Lafleur and Derek Sanderson were known to be fond of the nightlife and probably both played games hungover or even drunk. However, Sanderson will always be remembered more for it because he was caught in compromising situations much more frequently... Funny that you mentioned Mario, he always struck me as someone who had his share of crap going on, but managed to carry it out discreetly, you never heard about him as much as Corson, Fuhr or Roenick, mostly I think because he didn't get caught as much (the embarrassing incident with the chick in Minnesota is an exception). However, I heard that he grew up eventually and waned off, guess I was wrong.
  • Comment on GM Bergevin must be smiling (2013-02-20 16:12:10)
    Lindy Ruff sacked??!?!??!?! HOLY SHIZA!!!! he's coached the Sabers since Layne Staley was alive!!!!!! I thought we'd still be seeing his face behind their bench well ito the 2030's......