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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-10 17:20:34)
    I'm not trying to blame the coaching staff, I think the entire team is to blame for last night's loss. Also, what I meant by an "off night" was that we weren't ready. And yeah, I don't think that's an excuse, but almost every team has a night like that. I'm just trying to be a bit realistic and keep a positive outlook for the rest of the season because I'm not ready to say that, after last night, or even after this week, that the Habs aren't gonna make the playoffs. Safflez
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-10 15:28:25)
    I disagree. Yes the habs have shown 2 extreme sides this season (i.e., surprisingly good and.... vomitrocious) But I think it's too soon to write us out of the playoffs. In a short season, it's really not a good idea to lose games the way we have been in the last week. But if you think about it, we could have won against boston and buffalo. There were a lot of great things to see there, and then last night's game was just a joke, a real off night. So what, it happens. of course, if it keeps happening in the next couple of games/weeks, it's safe to say that the playoffs won't be for this year. But giving up NOW, I don't think so. This week could have finished with a nice 4 points out of 6 and you know it. So i'm keeping my head up high and I'm not gonna jump to conclusions just yet. It's up to the habs to come out strong and forget about this weeks performance. And Markov's no good? He sure seemed mighty fine uptil now...but hey, that goes for most of the other players on our team vs TOR. Keep hope Safflez