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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-10 00:58:09)
    Not saying change isn't needed (this team's clearly still a work in progress), but a very good Boston team just played better the last two periods and the Buffalo game was kind of a fluke. If White doesn't lose his head there, the Sabres don't score quick and steal the momentum of that game and win. If we're 7-3 coming into tonight, this game gets shaken off easily.
  • Comment on Leafs 6, Habs 0: Post-game reaction (Video) (2013-02-10 00:37:58)
    Some answers: * Yes on D, no on team. * Blunden. * Yes, but Moen disappears in games like these and will be involved in an unnecessary fight Tuesday against Tampa. * DD, if Cole wakes up at least he won't get pushed around like a rag doll. * I don't know, but I just watched it.
  • Comment on Leafs 6, Habs 0: Post-game reaction (Video) (2013-02-10 00:13:36)
    Let's get the finger off the panic button. Every team lays a few eggs every season, this is just magnified b/c of the opponent. Let's hope that MT keeps the process going and builds the talent and toughness of this team. Some notes from tonight: 1.) Somebody really needs to put a whoopin' on that little punk, Grabovsky. 2.) Markov has looked slow the last couple of games. 3.) Cole looks uninterested and Gionta looks like he's about done. 4.) Gorges needs to be the captain of this team, seems to be one of the few guys on this team that brings it every night. 5.) Liking Gallagher, wish all our smurfs were tough like him.