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Habs fan since: 1965
Favorite current player: cole
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  • Comment on Therrien tinkers with lines; no NHL discipline for Leafs’ Grabovski (2013-02-11 15:12:25)
    move eller up bring blunden up he has size and move dd to press box teams just lean on him and the puck is theirs if people cant see this then are team is doomed. we need size.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Leafs at Canadiens (2013-02-09 22:32:10)
    when therrien told the doc not to walk on the crest in 24ch he should have also told the players not to wear them on their chests until they know what it stands for to the fans. they are a disgrace to the emblem to not be up for a game like that against the maple laughs . cole dd stunk along with everyone else. looks like another high draft pick. cannot blame this one on white. just another embarressed fan.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-08 14:48:28)
    why is everyone blaming white ? i blame the coach for starting are backup and cost us the game. this is stupidity at its finest if price is not tired after 8 games . price should start every game till there is some distance from ninth place. have him not take morning skate and miss a practice if playing buda continues then kiss the playoffs goodbye. stupid is what stupid does