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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-08 00:49:38)
    Toronto has "infiltrated" the NHL...even on the NHL website, there are proportionally way more articles about the Leafs, who most people could care less about, than about any other team. Articles that are yawningly irrelevant to virtually most hockey fans. It's so self-indulgent it's infuriating and how do they keep getting away with this. Only solution, move the NHL (canadian) headquarters plus the hockey hall of fame OUT OF TO! MOVE THEM ANYWHERE BUT THEY DON'T BELONG IN TO. Break up the Toronto cabal. But more importantly, and way more despicable is the fact that the CBC is supposed to be Canada's NATIONAL Network. Other Canadians besides Ontario residents pay into it. Where's the equal representation at a national level??? How can this go on so long in Canada? Cause Canadians are way too passive way too polite to make waves...Are the Leafs really "Canada's Team??"
  • Comment on Liveblog: Senators at Canadiens (2013-02-03 17:04:17)
    The CBC should really rename itself the ORN..that is, the Ontario Regional Network. They are and have been so Toronto/Ontario biased since whenever that it's a National disgrace. I'm amazed that the western provinces, the Maritimes and of course Quebec haven't separated over that alone. We all pay taxes that support that Ontario-centric network yet TO get's all the play. It even infiltrates the US...more often than not when there is a casual reference to hockey down here, somehow, the Leafs or a Leaf jersey gets displayed. It's amazing the cultural hegemony that is the ORN, oops...CBC!!! Get the hockey hall of fame out of TO!!! Should be in Montreal anyway. Sorry about the rant..it's been building up for a while!!!