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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-10-02 07:53:37)
    I've always loved fighting in hockey. Going to the Jets games as a kid in the 80s with my Dad, and seeing two bruisers throwing haymakers, my heart racing, made me feel satisfied somehow. That even though they'd lost the game, we'd experienced some tough hockey. To me it just didn't feel like a game unless there were a few fights. The more fights, the more it felt like we'd got our money’s worth. But that was back when sitting in the nose bleed section meant you had to peer through a haze of smoke, half the time craning your neck around a pole. And the intermission meant a trip to the piss trough. The Eller injury last year was the beginning of my awakening, as I contemplated what it would have been like if my two year old daughter had been watching with me. Well, this morning, I flipped on the PVRed 3rd period (my 6 month old wouldn't cooperate last night) and went into the kitchen to make the coffee, when from the other room I hear "now that's not nice...that's not nice, Daddy Daddy, he popped him!!!" and find my 2 year old daughter (whose already probably seen more games than I did by 10 years old) staring horrified at a limp Parros, blood pooling on the ice. Now what was going through her mind? How did seeing that shape her personality? I love watching hockey with her, would love to see her play someday, but what was I thinking? I have a feeling like I should be with Parros right now, having my head examined. Sincerely, Feeling Ashamed
  • Comment on Subban back on the ice (2013-01-30 14:39:48)
    Some of us (where I work) have tried talking to the cable companies, but they say it's out of their hands. It has to do with something about regional syndication. The games that you are seeing "blacked out" are like that because they were only "bought" (I assume the networks from the NHL) to be broadcast in the region where they are from. With the habs, RDS must have some deal where they can show all games to all regions. I'm sure there are certain channels down in the states that are the same. All I know is that as a "secondary" Jets fan there is no possible way, no matter how much I'm willing to pay, that I can get every single game.
  • Comment on Subban back on the ice (2013-01-30 14:26:16)
    I like Subban, and his attitude, but disagree with your jump to prejudice. I think it's the "I'm a big shot" type of swagger that he exudes that hasn't yet been seen as much in the NHL as it has in the NFL and NBA. I really don't buy that this has anything to do with the color of his skin.
  • Comment on Subban back on the ice (2013-01-30 14:19:18)
    I live on the east coast, on Bell Satellite and watch every habs game that I'm able. Thanks to RDS this is possible. Although, I'm originally from Winnipeg and was thinking to follow the Jets a bit as well. However, I have the same problem as you. If you are outside of the region, you can't get a guaranteed "feed" of every game. I know Leaf and Canuck fans that are in the same boat. I really do not understand it because not only does it frustrate the fans, but someone is missing revenue as a result. If I'm a fan of a team, and live outside their region, there should be a channel that I can get to watch every game. To head certain people off at the pass, watching on internet is not an option for me. For a good number of us in rural areas, true high speed Internet is not available.