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  • Comment on ‘It’s been a weird series,’ Habs’ Eller says; Rangers’ Moore suspended two games (2014-05-28 12:58:33)
    No offense, but we don't need Emelin. Look at how many breakaways we've given up with him in the lineup and we gave up none without him last night. I think he's a slow, immature player who looks for the hit to often. We need fast, mobile d-men who can keep up with the fast Rangers forwards.
  • Comment on Budaj will start in goal against Penguins (2013-04-16 22:59:40)
    Are you seriously gonna sit there in front of your computer and tell me Price has had anything above an average season for an NHL goaltender? Price's stats speaks a lot about the kind of season he's having and the team record is speaking a lot about the type of season the team is having. Montreal has the 5th fewest (in the league) shots against so that tells me the team is playing well in front of Price (for the most part), he just can't seem to find his game this year. Are you gonna use the poor excuse also that last year wasn't Gomez's fault he sucked, he was the TEAMs fault?
  • Comment on Budaj will start in goal against Penguins (2013-04-16 13:29:54)
    Price has been horrendous! I'm glad Budaj is getting a start in net after Price's past two failed starts! Piss poor time to go in a slump but then again Price really hasn't been consistently good at all this year. The team in front of him and the defense they play has helped Price tremendously 95% of the time.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-28 05:48:36)
    Iggy decided not to go to Boston after seeing them collapse against the Canadiens! lol
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-03 08:02:40)
    League leader in wins really don't matter, in my opinion. If all goalies played equal number of games it might but there is a difference in number of games played. Actually Price shares the lead in league wins with Rask and Bryzgalov, with Rask playing 3 less games. How do you figure Price is having his best season yet? His stats this season are as followed... .915 Sv% and 2.20 GAA... In 2010-2011 he had these stats... .923 Sv% and 2.35 GAA... In my opinion, Sv% is a more important stat and I'll take a .923% over .915% any day...
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-03 07:59:04)
    I'm not a Price hater but he's allowed an awful lot of soft goals lately. Making the tough saves but letting in the fluke softies reminds me a lot of that goalie that use to wear #60 back in the day. Price is a much better goalie than this, needs to get back on track!
  • Comment on Bourque out indefinitely with a concussion (2013-02-26 13:49:33)
    This really sucks, Bourque was really finding his groove this season. Hopefully he won't be out too long! Nice to know though that we have other players, like Prust that can step up in his place and not make the injury such a downer...
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-26 00:27:29)
    I don't blame Price, he played a good game, the goal was a little weak but it will happen from time to time. Even St. Patty gave up a weak one here and there. PK played a horrible game, in my opinion. Way to many turnovers and way to fancy at the blue line when pressured. Other than that I think the team played good enough for a win but ran into an amazingly hot goaltender.
  • Comment on Subban paired with Bouillon at practice (2013-02-01 16:11:43)
    The triple low five is corny as hell! This isn't basketball or football so I'm glad not to have to see that anymore. Act like a professional and carry yourself like one is my opinion. I think Michel Therrien has done a helluva job so far with the team and they seem to be buying into his system. Turmoil inside the locker room is the only thing that can bring this team down.
  • Comment on Habs take wait-and-see approach on Subban (2013-01-29 18:20:41)
    I'm telling you guys, PK likes to do what he wants, and doesn't like to take advice or direction from others. When working on plays in practice he does what he wants rather than what he's suppose to. Yes he's probably better than Weber or Kaberle but he's no saint and doesn't always have the teams best interest in mind!