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  • Comment on Prust, Armstrong, Gallagher sign for charity Friday in Brossard (2013-02-15 13:06:26)
    I couldn't agree more. They played the way they needed to in order to get the W. And even though there weren't many goals, there were a lot of good saves! Couldn't be happier that they are coming back with 4 out of 4 points on that road trip. Now it's all about Saturday and lord knows we owe the flyers a beat down or 3! GO HABITANTS! "I know everything"
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-15 12:53:25)
    If Cole and Pacman step it up this team is going to be hard to beat! The kids are looking fantastic and I don't see them slowing down one bit, on the contrary I only see them growing more confident as the season continues. The addition of Prust has payed off large, Bourque is a machine this year and the depth on our blueline runs real deep with a healthy Markov and a signed PK. Not to mention Emelin, I love that guy! He doesn't get talked about enough and you know every player in the league is looking over their shoulder and keeping their head up when he's on the ice. Jesus Price. Nuff Said! GO HABS! "I know everything"