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  • Comment on ‘It’s a pretty cool feeling,’ Olympic champ Price says (with video) (2014-02-25 09:04:08)
    Well said. I think the decision to trade Markov or not rests on two factors: 1. What does he want? Will he go to free agency or can he be signed before the deadline? It'd be a pain to risk losing him for nothing, so if MB and his agent can't come to terms, it'll be more tempting to trade him. 2. What can you get for him? If somebody offers a couple of picks and a blue chip prospect, it'll obviously be more tempting to move him.
  • Comment on About this afternoon … (2014-02-14 10:44:13)
    He's had a few fuck ups in the last month or so, but he's been great otherwise, especially this season, I thought. This is typical habs' fan myopia. You have to look beyond just recent events.
  • Comment on ‘I’m a pretty simple player,’ newest Hab Murray says (2013-08-25 15:17:07)
    I don't know how Waite's past success will translate to Price. Before working with Waite, Crawford was talented, but all over the place, would go out of his net too much and go for the crazy saves instead of focussing on being properly positionned and always ready. Waite taught him to be calmer and play a more technical, constrained style. I think Price's problems are of a whole different nature. I'm not saying Waite won't be good for him, but he'll have to do something different than he did with Crawford.
  • Comment on Toronto transit workers don’t want to wear Habs colours (2013-08-20 17:08:40)
    That Lecavalier for all of our prospects thing that came out a while back?
  • Comment on Toronto transit workers don’t want to wear Habs colours (2013-08-20 17:05:46)
    I know this is heresy in these parts, but having lived there for a year, Toronto's really not that bad. It's large enough that you can always find something you'll enjoy. Be sure to check out Kilgour's Bar, they're Habs fans.
  • Comment on Habs sign White for one year; Big Mac lands in London (2013-07-15 13:01:32)
    I agree with you that Bergevin is planning for a few years in the future, but I also think his moves can be understood as the team having two cores of players: the young kids: Galchenyuk, P.K., Gallagher, Eller, but also a group of older players that are now entering their prime: Plek, Patchs, DD, Gorges. They are solid players and MB would be stupid to write them off althogether. While the kids are indeed very promising, these veterans will also play a large part in our contending in the next few years, and I think MB is well aware of that. That also goes to show that Gainey's inherintance isn't all bad.
  • Comment on Habs trade Danny Kristo to Rangers; Lecavalier going to Flyers (2013-07-03 10:19:42)
    Could the point of the Kristo trade be to get a little fresher trade bait? MB wanted to trade Kristo to move up in the draft but it didn't work out. There was no place for Kristo on the Canadiens since we are so small already, so now he gets a similar type of player that's a couple years younger and that he can try to trade back in the next couple of years. Meanwhile, the Rangers get a similar player to what they had, but who's little bit older and closer to playing in the NHL.
  • Comment on Habs trade Danny Kristo to Rangers; Lecavalier going to Flyers (2013-07-03 10:12:19)
    It's also a matter of what we could get. If someone's willing to trade a big guy for an unproven smallish prospect with attitude concerns (Kristo), you can bet said big guy will have very limited hockey skills, since big players who can score are so prized.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-01-25 08:05:00)
    I hope they keep Markov as long as he's able to stand, if only as a seventh defenceman powerplay specialist. He can play the kind of game he plays (smart, calm, not physical) for some time yet.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-01-25 07:56:59)
    Sending Galchenyuk down will free up enough cap space to sign P.K. to the big money (though perhaps not as big as he'd hope,) long term contract he's looking for. The saga will be settled next week, after Galchenyuk's five game trial is over and he's sent back to the minors, where he can get the ice time he needs to develop. We'll free up even more space next year by buying out Kaberle's contract during the summer or maybe even trading him away, as I thought he didn't look too bad in these first three games.