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  • Comment on Liveblog: First W of the season (2013-01-22 21:37:27)
    The goal for 27 was sweet. What really impresses is the play just before when two panthers mugged him and he stayed on his feet, picked up his lid and got ready for the draw! 18?
  • Comment on Leafs 2-Habs 1: Post-game reaction (2013-01-20 00:46:51)
    Glad to be in the company of fellow Habs fans! First post from Arrow Creek B.C. Be easy on me please. Added HD package to satellite on Wednesday resulting in loss of RDS and I was forced to listent to english broadcast... It sounded worse than it looked. But not by much I am sorry to say. Hope to post something positive in the near future. Cheers to all and remember we are only two points out of a playoff spot.......