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  • Comment on Liveblog: First W of the season (2013-01-22 19:26:10)
    re the infamous Haborama thread: I think everyone needs to calm the hell down, I think you are all misinterpreting what he said. I saw Gally get attacked by Komarov too, some leaf fans on twitter were having a blast about it and calling him "Galchicken", it made my blood boil, so I can totally see where he is coming from. I like Chucky a lot and think he needs a little patience as his confidence grows. we all need to chill out, it's a free country compadres.......... besides, I think he subscribes to the Frontenac1 school of player preference. Which is totally fine, I remember being pretty upset after no one took a run at that little rat Dale Hunter way back in the day........
  • Comment on Liveblog: First W of the season (2013-01-22 19:08:34)
    EVERYONE CALM THE F*K DOWN!!!! I think you are ALL misinterpreting him, he's not calling for Chucky to be a Prust-type player, just a non-soft non-physical player. take a chill pill seriously, it's a free country compadres...... besides, I think he subscribes to the Frontenac1 school of player preference.......
  • Comment on Game on! Boone returns to HIO with live blog (2013-01-19 10:32:38)
  • Comment on Game on! Boone returns to HIO with live blog (2013-01-19 10:30:53)
    I would prefer Gally for Galchenyuk and Suds for Gallagher Or Galchy for Galchenyuk and Gally for Gallagher BUT NOT CHUCKY, CAUS THAT'S JUST CREEPY!!!!!!
  • Comment on Late rush gets Price a new mask for season start (2013-01-18 21:40:28)
    Steve Nash......... from winning NBA MVP awards to making goalie masks, my my how the mighty have fallen........