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  • Comment on Canadiens head to Calgary after shutout loss in Edmonton (2014-10-28 12:50:09)
    Was at the game last night. Dreaded going to work today and take my lumps. Quite surprised to hear many of the objective Oiler fans here found the hockey quite boring as well. Surprised to hear them admit that the Habs are so much better that the Oil had to play in that defensive shell all night and wait for their chances. The less objective fans just hoot and holler and let you know how great the game was. I damned near fell asleep in the 2nd and 3rd periods. Was really hoping for a high quality skating game. Alas ... it was not meant to be and another year goes by having to watch the Oilers beat my Habs and endure yet another walk of shame out of Rexall. All that being said it's great to see half a rink in Habs gear. Here's hoping the Habs fans in Calgary can get a better game and a win!
  • Comment on Habs will buy out Kaberle (2013-06-24 23:27:21)
    That collapse was one of the sweetest things that I have seen. I didn't think that there was a non-Habs thing that would bring me up out of my chair in such excitement!!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at Leafs (2013-04-27 22:14:28)
    When Gallagher scored that goal vs the Jets my first thought was all the bad mojo was finally gone. Finally got a bounce and there was some actual confidence after that. It definitely carried over tonight. Here's hoping the boys have turned the corner and we get a good run in the playoffs!!
  • Comment on Training camp notes, Day 2 (2013-01-15 15:05:09)
    Took your advice and just did stubhub, I'm too impatient and didn't want to get skunked out on the day they go on sale. Sec 114 for not too much over the face value. If you only go once every 60 years you might as well get good seats!
  • Comment on Training camp notes, Day 2 (2013-01-15 12:50:39)
  • Comment on Training camp notes, Day 2 (2013-01-15 12:40:09)
    Now why would I shame myself by wearing Bruins gear??
  • Comment on Training camp notes, Day 2 (2013-01-15 12:32:23)
    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'm sure we are going to have a blast. I just wish we had a week and not a weekend to take it all in.
  • Comment on Training camp notes, Day 2 (2013-01-15 10:52:14)
    Looking for a little help from the people on the forum. I've been reading since the sites inception, but never really needed to comment. Both my Dad and I are life long Alberta Habs fans. He turns 60 this year and we're celebrating by finally going to see the Habs play in Montreal. The april 6th game vs the bruins. Flights are booked, just hoping I can get tickets when they become available this Sunday. Just looking for some advice about some hotels, restaurants, bars. Anything we must do/see? Can't wait to finally see a Habs home game, and if they can stick it to the bruins then even better!