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Habs fan since: 1984
Favorite current player: Carey Price
All-time favorite player: Kirk Muller


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  • Comment on Liveblog: First W of the season (2013-01-22 23:25:16)
    Galchenyuk. Simply Awesome !!! Big Habs win, Congrats Bergevin Therrien Galchenyuk Gallagher Prust Price & Co
  • Comment on Holy Moly! What a start to Canadiens camp (2013-01-14 01:53:18)
    Jack todd, what a joke.. Plz retire.. In your hero's and zero's segment, you shld be under the zero column yourself.. Period !! As far as our Habs go, Gomez had to go, way to step up to the plate MB especially to G Molson.. It feels like ages ago our team was runned by a freak side show circus act with Mr gauthier and Jacques Martin's non 2 way communicative coaching tactics, too bad Muller was'nt 0,1 % french he knew how to make the players play and gel, kind of when we upset the Caps n Pens a few years ago, any1 who had a clue knew Captian Kirk was pulling the strings then, with him gone last year, injuries to key players and lack of motivation by the players, his non presence was felt. He was a proud Bleu Blanc Rouge Stanley Cup winning Canadien, who knew how hockey and the city of Montreal should be played on the ice. MB shows me signs of that passion, for me the jury is out on Michel therrien, but illg give him a 2nd chance as a fan, I'm glad gauthier gomes and martin r Finally out of the picture, time to move 4ward, and plz PK, take a prove it 2 year contract already, as Price n Patches have done, and you will make your deserved mega multi year contract, Go Habs Go !!!!!!!! Knock on wood, let's hope we stay healthy for once this year ;)