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  • Comment on Canadiens send Jarred Tinordi down to Hamilton, try new look on power play (2014-11-12 18:53:31)
    These RFA signings are going to take the better part of 10 million is we want to keep NB, JT, BG, AG and don't forget MB. Leaving 2 mil and change on the cap provided it doesn't go up. Leaves little room for much else. No wonder we need to shed RB's salary! The Price is RIGHT!
  • Comment on Canadiens send Jarred Tinordi down to Hamilton, try new look on power play (2014-11-12 17:36:55)
    Thanks Kevin, Unfortunately the business side runs the decision making as it should in a market like Montreal where decisions based on passion and hope rarely work out. I'm worried what Chucky and Gally are going to ask for next year. Hopefully they don't want Ryan Johanssen money but you never know. Having to pay out NB and JT bridge contracts that exceed the 2 mil mark will seriously limit what this club can do next year. You almost need to create a winning environment and ask for home town discounts to win.....saying that Chicago's window is closing quickly after the "hometown discounts" from Kane and Towes. Keep the core together, and be able to add pieces is important. The Price is RIGHT!
  • Comment on Canadiens send Jarred Tinordi down to Hamilton, try new look on power play (2014-11-12 17:22:05)
    Hello everyone, Long time reader, first time poster. Few things that i want to say, Bergevin is just cutting cap space for having to sign our RFA's next year. Lets be honest we have some serious salaries to pay out next year and there is no guarantee the cap will go up. AS WELL, by not playing our "rookie" dmen we lower their value and are able to sign them to a reasonable bridge contracts so they remain with our club. As of next year they will be off their intro contracts and will play 82 game each for the next two year to determine their future. Bergevin knows what he is doing, you can't always ice the best team in a salary cap environment. It's complicated, they tried to get PK to sign for less than he is worth and what he eventually got. Gonchar will be off the cap next year, and that will save the Habs cap space if NB and JT turn out to have great seasons. It's all a business....smart moves by management. The Price is RIGHT!
  • Comment on Armstrong’s Habs career ends, while Brière’s begins (2013-08-04 15:07:58)
    Ok Ok, i'm new here so be gentle. Just a random thought after a couple too many Hogtown Ale's on a dock, but.....why don't we deal Price to Vancouver for Luongo and a top prospect....maybe the guy they picked up this year from New Jersey's pick....thoughts? The Price is RIGHT!
  • Comment on Mediators still involved in NHL talks (2012-12-13 18:48:10)
    Can the players and the league please stop torturing us and give us some hockey for Jan/Feb.....Its all i want for Xmas..... The Price is RIGHT!
  • Comment on Habs players make holiday hospital visit (2012-12-07 23:56:56)
    The Leafs players didn't show up......go habs go The Price is RIGHT!