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  • Comment on It’s time for hockey fans to vent (2012-10-05 14:30:29)
    Tough feeling sorry for a bunch of rich spoiled brats who have simply lost their grasp of reality by refusing to take a "pay cut" from their overly inflated multi-million dollar salaries. In my world, the owners are the bosses and are in it to make a profit...they are the owners...they should be the ones who call the shots...it's not like the kids are being ripped off! They are already making more than they should or deserve! If saved properly, they should be set for life and have no financial worries in their lifetime and their kids lifetime!!! Come on boys, put your diapers back on and go out to the local "schoolyard" and play some hockey again. Hopefully your moms will allow you!!! The reality is, you are all making more than the President of the United States and The Prime Minister of Canada will ever make in their lifetimes combined...so get off your f@#$% highchairs and hopefully those of you who are paying your salaries ( the fans ) will forgive and forget and move onto another season of NHL. ...if you continue to cry fowl that it is the owners fault and are not satisfied making a mere 4.5 million a year, then go home and get a real job and see how that feels. Maurice "The Rocket" Richard never complained! me