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  • Comment on Bozon looking forward to Habs’ rookie camp after battling meningitis (2014-08-18 10:20:41)
    Can the captain of the Montreal Canadiens never have played a game for the Montreal Canadiens? Probably the most qualified character-wise is Manny Malhotra. Watch for at least an 'A' on #20.
  • Comment on Habs will clear out lockers Saturday in Brossard (2014-05-31 12:30:41)
    Finally someone mentions the elephant on the ice. Chris Krieider should win the Con Smythe. Not for his 4 point night in game 5, but for eliminating the Habs best player. I truly believe that with Price, Canadiens would have won the series. He was peaking. He was consistent. He was confident. Not to diminish Tokarski’s accomplishment, but one only has to look at game 2 – goals 2 and 3. Price would have stopped both. Specially the one that allowed Nash to escape the embarrassing goal drought that he was enduring. With what he did in the Olympics, his play in the first 2 series, and his adopting the mantle of leadership, Price became irreplaceable. Kreider’s accidentally-on-purpose collision cost Montreal a trip to the finals.
  • Comment on About yesterday afternoon … (2014-05-03 19:48:16)
    This Boone must have been drunk DURING the game. Price was brilliant again, throughout. 4 goals - 2 off Boullion, 1 when Markov jumped directly into his field of vision, and 1 (technically 'his fault') when his skate got caught on the goal post. Make no mistake, with Price they may upset the Bruins. Without him they would be annihilated.
  • Comment on Price to start for Habs against Wings and Emelin will be back in lineup (2014-01-23 15:56:29)
    Thank you, Dipsy, I wondered if anyone else noticed that. The enigma of a team that beats Chigago 2-1, plays their worst game of the year and beats Ottawa 5-4 and last night actually shows some hustle, some energy and gets killed 5-1, is a mystery not easily explained.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Leafs at Canadiens (2013-02-11 13:06:31)
    Thank you for answering. At least I know that you are literate (if not about hockey). Sadly,you completely missed my point. To use the word 'sieve' about any NHL goalie (especially 2 of the best) is a misuse of the English language. My point, however, is that you seem to actually believe that your opinion verses every expert on the subject carries any weight. Once again, I suggest that you follow the path to the 2014 Olympics and see who is chosen to be Canada's goalie. As far as highlights, whether TSN or ESPN, they are merely an abbreviation or shortcut. Like in high school, reading 'Classic' comic books to cram for exams.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Leafs at Canadiens (2013-02-10 14:03:40)
    Whoever '2habs3' is, I suggest you actually WATCH a hockey game. Also, I presume that you've completely missed the current ongoing debate as to who should be Canada's goalie in the 2014 Olympics. Of course, these media pundits only express their opinions for a living, and do not possess the expertise of '2habs3'. Perhaps you should look at the recently published statistics which list the top 5 goalies - 5 on 5 - over the last 5 years. Price was # 1, Luongo #2. Compare the defense and team that Price had in front of him to the Canucks in front of Luongo. I hope that these FACTS are not too complicated for you to absorb. Clearly, your hockey IQ does not allow much room for clarity.
  • Comment on Therrien “frustrated and disappointed” by lockout (2012-09-20 00:00:29)
    Thank you guys, for the warm and fuzzy welcome.