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  • Comment on Nathan Beaulieu and his father Jacques plead guilty to assault (2013-08-16 09:52:44)
    New Thread: Of all the remaining free agents, who should we be going after? My vote: Colin White--has size, experience, and defensive abilities. Freck
  • Comment on Liveblog: Senators draw first blood … literally (2013-05-02 16:52:51)
    It was such a lovely evening last night. The Maple Leafs and the Hockey Night in Toronto crew, plus Sportsdesk Ontario, floundering with excuses as to why their pathetic Leafs lost. God is good. Freck
  • Comment on Liveblog: Senators draw first blood … literally (2013-05-02 16:47:15)
    Hate is a very strong word ---but appropriate. Freck
  • Comment on It’s time for hockey fans to vent (2012-10-06 10:40:09)
    Vent! Well let me vent! I don't care who is winning the war of words; it is all verbosity with the result kicking the fans in the #%&*. Betteman has repeatedly stated that the NHL Fans are the greatest sports fans in the world. I just want to thank him for the anxiety he has created and the disrespect he has shown towards us. Meanwhile, the players enjoy a lifestyle that many of us will never see. With so many ills in the world, they are in a privileged position. Yes, they work hard for their money but so do a lot of other people (who by the way are fans). I am sick of the rhetoric; I am sick of the greed; and I am sick of infighting. I love hockey and that is what hurts the most. My love for the game depends on these selfish millionaires who cannot move their egos out of the way for fans and for those other workers who depend on the NHL game to make a living. Well, the situation is really giving me recourse to follow some other sports. When this does come to a conclusion, both sides will come back with words and actions to placate the fans. Everyone will be so happy to have hockey return. We the fans must send messages! I suggest the following: 1) No more purchasing of NHL clothing or artifacts until September 2013. 2) Fans should boycott all products sold by the owners until September 2013 (Molson's Beer). 3) That we refuse to watch or attend any hockey games for a month after the agreement has reached. The truth is if we don't do something like this, we will be continued to be taken for granted regularly. Wouldn't it have been nice if both sides in this dispute had come to the press conference together and stated that for the fans we will continue to talk and still play the game. Sigh...but that is so altruistic and fan-oriented. I know many will not or cannot do as I suggest the fans to do, but you can expect the same disrespect and interruptions of the game to continue every few years. Sigh.....I miss the game. Freck
  • Comment on Fan group plans Saturday Bell Centre protest (2012-09-15 10:14:42)
    Well, I have been following this website over the years and have gone through the ups and downs as a diehard Habs fan--but now I am really pissed! This is my first posting so if I do not sound lucid it is because I am writing with emotion. Another lockout! And not one consideration by anyone for the fans! No mediation! No arbitration! And the owners are still giving big contracts away! Wouldn't it be nice if just once both sides would come forth together and say for the fans we have decided not to interrupt the season and we will find a way to resolve this. I know, I know in DisneyWorld. It is too bad just once we could stick it to the league and not buy any NHL gear or support the game, and cancel our Center Ice subscriptions! Just give them time to think about the consequences! Gary states hockey fans are the best! Well, stop patronizing me! You are an idiot who wants to perform for his owners! God that smug-like look gets on my nerves! If we are the great fans you say we are then show some respect! Well, now that I vetted I feel better! Unfortunately, the situation is only going to get worse and we will be left out in nowhere land trying to get our hockey fix somewhere else. Freck