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  • Comment on THN predicts Habs will finish in 13th place (2012-08-18 11:31:08)
    Thanks, SmartDog, But when I saw a prediction of the Habs finishing First, I immediately though of the Captain of the Titanic telling it's passangers "Sorry but it's only a small hole" gary smith
  • Comment on Timmins gets contract extension (2012-08-18 11:27:43)
    SO, The man responsible for passing up Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, Zach Parise, and others, moved Up in the draft to pick David Fischer when Claude Giroux was still available..That Trevor Timmons gets a contract extension. Maybe That explains our standing last season. gary smith
  • Comment on Would hockey fans forgive and forget another lockout? (2012-08-16 12:02:45)
    When the last lockout ended, Bettman catered to the American fan base, with all kinds of gimmicks, and the shootout was one of them. Whether you like ties or not, it was newer fans that wanted the shootout, what will we get if there's Another work stoppage..Naked shootout hockey?? And BTW, I think we're the Only major sport where your regular season for deciding games is different from your playoffs. No shootouts in them. gary smith
  • Comment on Live-blog lives! (2012-08-16 11:58:17)
    The Habs being interested in Kovalev would Almost be like finally getting rid of Scott Gomez, and a year later, reacquiring him. iF you're not worried about some of the moves This team is capable of making, just look at Tomas Kaberle, and trading Cammalleri for Rene Bourque. We seem to never learn our lesson. gary smith
  • Comment on Live-blog lives! (2012-08-16 11:52:32)
    Sorry, but it's Switzerland, not Sweden. Funny that Thornton would play in a Neutral country, same gear he shows up for in the playoffs. gary smith
  • Comment on Live-blog lives! (2012-08-16 11:48:21)
    Timo, If you really think hard, you may know who I am, Clue, Why didnt we draft players like Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Dustin Brown, Mike Richards, Zach Parise, and David Fischer over Claude Giroux, like wow. My question is ..Wasnt Trevor tIMMONS running Those drafts like he is still doing?? How does He get to stay, while everyone else got the boot?? Fair question. gary smith
  • Comment on Would hockey fans forgive and forget another lockout? (2012-08-16 11:44:03)
    I was wondering, if there is a lockout, that's Two under Gary Bettmans regime, aka dictatorship, when can we get him fired?? Also, how would Next Junes draft work, if there is No season, would the Habs still hold the Third pick, like this past seasons?? And if so, can teams move up or down, is there a lottery?? gary smith
  • Comment on Live-blog lives! (2012-08-16 11:33:17)
    Just wondering, why would we want Shane Doan, all he could possibly do is have us go from worst in the conference to possibly Just squeezing in the playoffs, get embarrassed early, and have Another mid round pick. I suggest we Tank it for a couple of more seasons, (though if you stink, is it really tanking it), have a couple of More decent drafts, thats the way teams like Pittsburgh and Los Angeles built their teams. Makes you stop and wonder, with This roster, where the goal scoring is going to come from. Just what were Gainey and Gauthier like doing those ten years.