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  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-01 16:28:01)
    Well What can I say another win from the Habs Last Night. Was not in to see it but we just keep on winning. As Jack Todd said today we could win the Cup this year I felt he was bang on with his Top 10 List. I would love a scorer for the Playoffs but not at all costs. GOHABSGO.
  • Comment on Episode 20: Panel weighs in on the Jiri Sekac trade for Devante Smith-Pelly (2015-02-27 14:08:08)
    Another great show from the panel but you gotta love old Knuckles on the show every week. I do think that the Habs will do something next week with the team.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-27 13:42:37)
    Another great road win from the boys Last Night. We look very tough to beat in a 7 game series this year boys. When you play playoff hockey all year round and have a all world goaltender in CP31 and have the lowest GAA in the league you have a chance to go all the way in the postseason. I would like to add to the team next week at the deadline.GOHABSGO.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-25 12:34:17)
    Well first of I was really surprised that we traded young Sekac but I really liked the trade for DSP. I would like to see a trade for a scorer by next week if we do make a trade because I think our D is strong enough.Now to the game Last Night what a strong road game from the Habs I feel that we can win it all this year because we have a winning record when we play the West.If have now not lost to the Blues and the Champs this year and we did not hang on to win we won both games by a few goals.GOHABSGO.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-22 11:03:25)
    Was out Last night got home to see that the Habs won. We may have not played great but a win is a win. Lets just keep wining boys. I would like a scorer next week but at the same time I hate to give up on this good looking kids.GOHABSGO.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-20 13:43:46)
    Well like someone said we have only 20 out of a possible 40pts playing the losing teams this season with is BAD. The lost bugs me more because we were ahead and lost. When playing anybody good or weak I get a little pissed when we blow the lead. I think it was Matty that said we will not play the shit teams in the Playoffs. So Tomorrow Night another weaker team comes to town so we will see if we show up.Anyway we are in 1st in the division and 3rd overall in the N.H.L. so there is alot to love about the Habs. GO HABS GO.
  • Comment on Episode 19: Does Habs GM Marc Bergevin need to make a move before NHL trade deadline? (2015-02-19 11:47:51)
    Another great show from the boys. Looking forward to next weeks show already.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-17 13:45:27)
    Well was a awesome game Last Night between 2 teams that play the game the right way with lots of speed and skill and no dirty cheap shot shit that other teams like to play. What a great team will have now and I think we have a great shot at the cup this year. We lead the East and are 2nd in the whole league out or 30 teams. So why can't we be a cup contender when we have a better record then all of those teams in the West that they say are alot better then us. We sit with games in hand on the Bolts and the Wings with a great record of 37-15-4 For 78Pts and alot of great stats but when it comes to Corsi they our stats are not good.GOHABSGO.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-15 14:58:27)
    Hi everyone here at HIO I had to take Last Nights game off. Well you see I watched the Super Bowl Sunday and that game was a joke. So I took the Sabres game off and another joke of a game.Then I watched the Oilers game and another mess of a game. So I didn't even come on to the site until today. We did barly beat a weak Leafs team Last Night.I think 10 loses to losing teams this is a real joke. Now thats my little rant for today now with the Habs in 1st place I will now be a little more happy with the team to keep up on our strong season and go for 1st in the conference is what I want this year. Anyway GOHABSGO.
  • Comment on Episode 18: Remembering Claude Ruel, sharing Habs coaching stories — including Michel Therrien’s ‘lucky suit’ — and more with Michael Farber (2015-02-12 12:09:38)
    Another awesome show from the panel I could sit and talk Habs all day and night just All things Habs. As for the trade deadline our management team will make the best deal out there because we have the best front office team in the N.H.L. so weak deals from the past will not happen again.GOHABSGO.