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  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-21 12:36:24)
    I was not home Last night to see the game but I did not miss much as the Habs were nothing until the 3rd period when the boys got going and went on to win. The PP has woke up since they broke things up a week ago with 4 PP in the last 4 Games. If not for CP31 were do not have a chance to win the game.Anyway we are having a real strong year and I hope we can add a scoring piece for the playoffs. GO HABS GO.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-18 16:06:02)
    Was not home Last night came home to see that the Habs won a high scoring game. Alot of players had Big nights and the new lines looked good again for a few games before they are broken up.GO HABS GO.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-16 11:20:36)
    I got to the 18 Minute mark of the 1st period of that shitfest when I turned it for the rest of the night. If we do not start games better we will not go anywhere this year. What do all the Broadcasters say before every Play-off game the team who scores 1st will win tonights game. The god awful PP will also bit us in the ass this year too. The coach plays with the lines WAY to much let guys play together for at least a handful of games before splitting them up. Chunky will be fine but us being this SOFT has to end. We need a BIG POWER FORWARD and a RUGGED DMAN for the Play-offs. I do not like how tight the standings have become behind us in the Eastern Conference. I am starting to get a little nervous with the Poo Bears because it was this time a year ago that they blew by us with a dumb hot long streak and we were never close to them the rest of the year. We better be a whole lot better tomorrow night at home.GO HABS GO.
  • Comment on Episode 14: Can Habs keep winning with a struggling power play? (2015-01-15 12:52:05)
    Another great show from the panel. Looking forward to next weeks show.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-15 11:54:14)
    I did not see the game Last night but that was a nice 3rd period comeback with 3 3rd period PP goals. I do not think we had 3 PP goals on the road all season. It is funny how every once and awhile we do something that we have not done in a long time. First time that we have won 6 straight on the road in over 30 years since the early 80s and the first time in 4 years that we scored 3 PP in a period. Now I want another Win Tonight against the hated Sens who are no better with the change in coaches which means it is a lack of talent. GO HABS GO.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-11 08:18:07)
    Well we have now lost 2 games in a row when scoring first. Did not see the game but no pp will kill us later in year. We have issues but so do alot of teams in a salary cap world. I guess you can not dwell on Last nights game and just worry about the next game. GO HABS GO.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-07 11:38:03)
    Well I new we would play a weak game because the 1st home game after a long road trip the home teams do not play well. I am a little bit concerned because they out scored us badly in 2 games this year.CP31 should have had a couple of goals Last night and the P.K. penalty from the bench was terrible weak call from the Ref yes P.K. should know better but it was a brutal call that cost us a chance to win the game because it was at the time 1-1 at the time. The game was still a game at the time. All we can do it forget about it and move on till the next game on Saturday Night.GO HABS GO.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-04 15:23:02)
    That was about as great a road game as any team could play. The Habs were great Last night against a very strong team and had a great road trip 5-0 against some real strong teams. Everybody played a great game Last night from the top line to the great CP31. Wow the best record in the east and the 2nd best record in the N.H.L. we have become very quickly a top 5 team in the N.H.L. GO HABS GO.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-03 12:10:03)
    A win is a win but I was not happy with there weak 3rd period Last night. It has already been a great road trip so far.Yes Mike Boone we have a speedy 4th line but it not big enough for the playoffs. N8 on the blueline is now the real deal but I am not happy with Emmy in the last few games but it is hard to take him out of the lineup when he hits the most on our blueline. CP31 has been really awesome of late for the Habs.GO HABS GO.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-31 12:44:03)
    Well another tight win from the habs Last night as we do like to play close games to make it hard on us to watch to the end. I like the new lines but young Getto playing in the 4th line I am not sure about as I would like to see a scoring forward up from the minors play on a scoring line with us. MM siting for Bourny is OK for me. Young Bealieau playing top 4 on D is fine because he looks better then he did before his last call-up. It was a very strong game from Toker as his last start was the weak one at our Summit in November. We are a better team then we were a year ago today as Mike Boone pointed out on his awesome About Last Night write up.GO HABS GO. Also everyone have a happy and safe New Years Eve Tonight.