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  • Comment on Is Doan ready to make a move? (2012-07-30 14:01:50)
    nothing in Mtl makes sense these days because of the air-heads running and owning the franchise. If we think Scarrie will do anything but continue his downward spiral to Suitcase journeyman status they do not watch the game. We still continue to build with hollow men like Lars "call me Jan Bulis" Eller - clowns like Gionta and his midget buds we are doomed. Please Mr. Molson sell the team to someone who cares. Get real execs not retreads who soul consideration is a low salary.
  • Comment on Is Doan ready to make a move? (2012-07-30 12:15:07)
    problem remains the Habs are cash strapped - the litmus test was the hiring of two third tier execs - based on salaries that are bargain basement and one can argue you get what you pay for - our new GM was an hyped upped usher with the Hawks and I understand the new coach was selling pencils on the street in Sherbrooke. It is time to deal with the "rot at the top" and get a passionate - knowing owner with real deep pockets not a beer baron scion with little cash to buy talent.