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  • Comment on Bulldogs bring training camp to Sherbrooke (2012-09-06 13:17:07)
    So...just off the wall here....if the billionaire club decides to lockdown, I think the Canadian teams should repatriate the Cup, start a true National Hockey League, ie. Canadian, add Hamilton, Quebec City, and Halifax, and go it alone. Let the American teams pay Bettman's mega salary. Oh....if Buffalo wants to join, more power to them.
  • Comment on Flyers make big move (2012-07-19 20:02:15)
    All I can say is, I have no respect for Weber, the greedy bastard! This kind of a deal could hamstring the Flyers is things don't work out. And I have zero respect for the Flyers....what a lousy thing to do to the Preds and hockey as a whole!! Owners, diff. They're all vultures. Since when is any half-educated hockey player worth more han an ER RN????? What's wrong with our value system? Gee, wouldn't it be irony if Weber suffered a Pacoretty injury, ending his career, and Philly was left holding the bag? It would serve them right! Though no one wants to see that kind of thing happen....
  • Comment on An offer the PA can and will refuse (2012-07-14 14:34:52)
    You know, the more I think about this, the more disgusted I get!! A family of 4 cannot begin to afford to take in Canada's national pasttime on a Saturday night. Think about it: at $200 a ticket, it would cost $800 + food + parking + souvenirs + whatever. That's over $1000 for one game, on one night, for one family of 4. In other words, an average family cannot begin to enjoy this game. $1000+ is almost what i take home every other week, as a nurse!!! Does this make sense to anyone????? Hockey has become the pervue of the upper middle class, and damn the working man! Maybe what we need is for athletes to begin paying revenue sharing with the fans....oh wait, that's called taxes. Silly me! Oops, crap! But we don't see any of that! Thanks to the GW wannabe in Ottawa. Sorry....that's another subject. Either way, it's time the fans started boycotting professional sports to demand a return to sanity and fairness....for the average Joe trying to feed his family and provide some fun every half year or so. Players,'re all greedy capitalists, with no concern for the ones paying the bills. You just use us week in week out.And we're stupid enough to let you do it!!
  • Comment on An offer the PA can and will refuse (2012-07-14 11:17:31)
  • Comment on An offer the PA can and will refuse (2012-07-14 11:14:50)
    Supposedly it's for the general good of the sport. Right. Or, perhaps, Bettman and company have no business selling franchises to cities/areas that ultimately just aren't the south, perhaps? Further, revenue sharing takes from those who are doing a good job selling their product to reward those who are not, thereby penalizing these who have done a good job. Don't get me wrong....I'm a democratic socialist, at heart. However, something about this just stinks!! Never mind that the NHL has been perpetuating a very poor business model, with the collusion of the NHLPA. A pox on both your houses!
  • Comment on An offer the PA can and will refuse (2012-07-14 10:09:44)
    Interesting comments all.....I agree that the initial offer fron owners is ridiculous; but, then, again, that's typical of negotiations. Eventually, they'll arrive at a mtually agreeable compromise. There are some interesting points to consider, however: maximum contract terms of 5 years? I agree. Anything more and a franchise can potentially hamstring itself - eg. New Jersey with their outrageous Kovalchuck contract, Pittsburgh with their Crosby contract.....Minnesota? They're letting themselves in for a world of hurt where the league will eventually end up bailing them out. Greed? Darn right! By both sides. No player is worth what they are paying. It's a damn game, for crying out loud! A high school grad hockey player makes $900,000 -mega millions. An ER nurse makes $75,000. Where the heck is our sense of values?! A hockey player gets 2.5 million to play a game, sit on a bench, infantry soldier on the battlefield in Afghanistan gets $30,000 for the privilege of getting his leg blown off. Come on....get some perspective. No, I'm not on a politics kick here....just asking us to decide what and who really matters in life. Anyway, as for the $200 tickets and sellouts, supply and demand...the sad thing is, a normal family cannot afford to go out and take in a hockey game anymore. I know we can't. And that's just so sad. I remember going to Habs games, with a standing room ticket at $5.00! And it was fun. And, no, it wasn't a hundred years ago! Lower ticket prices drastically, as well as salaries. Institute a maximum salary....$5 million, no more. I know, it's just an arbitrary figure....but the point is there. You know, how many 21 year olds have the maturity to handle the fame, megabucks, and attention....think about that. There! I said my peace. Oh....before I forget, screw the signing bonuses -- they're just cynical greedy money grabs, another way to make sure you get what you want, even if the franchise goes belly up! Sheesh! Bloody nerve!!!