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  • Comment on Habs development camp underway in Brossard (VIDEO) (2014-07-07 14:15:09)
    It has already been confirmed that Nygren will be attending training camp with the habs in the fall(unless he is moved before then), with no guarantees he won't be sent to Hamilton. MB has already had discussions with his agent and the plan is to try and move him if he does not make the team out of training camp. Otherwise he will be going back overseas. His goal is, and has always been, to make the NHL.
  • Comment on Habs development camp underway in Brossard (VIDEO) (2014-07-07 14:07:55)
    Nygren has already proven he has what it takes to play in the NHL. He would be an NHL defenseman right now if he was on many other teams roster. The problem with the Habs is that there are 3 D in front of him that are waiting for regular time in the NHL. Kinda tough to leapfrog the teams two top prospects and Pateryn, who had a dynamite season in Hamilton last year. I dont think Nygren is doing himself any favors by declining dev camp, but 1)The guy already plays pro hockey, and 2)He is 24 years old. I don't blame him in the slightest, and am sure he will show up to training camp ready to usurp one of the big 3.
  • Comment on Gorges stunned by Habs’ desire to trade him, now waiting for next move (2014-06-30 18:09:22)
    Keeping them on big tickets is absurd, but Gorges contract is far from a big ticket. As for 'Fracturing the room' I think that is laughable to even suggest. Do you have experience in an NHL room to go off of?
  • Comment on Habs trade Leblanc to Ducks; Therrien gets four-year contract extension (2014-06-14 16:38:29)
    Tinordi didn't just make one mistake and that's it. Tinordi made many, many questionable plays. The blind pass across the middle that lead to a breakaway against was the pinnacle, but leading up to that there were countless ill advised pinch attempts, big hit attempts that took him completely out of the play and plays where he completely lost his man in front of the net leading to a goal against. This guy is supposed to be a stay at home guy.... How I see it is this: the vets may get beaten, but they do not beat themselves. Guys like Eller and Tinordi beat themselves on many occasions last season. Its all about making the safe play with guys like them, and if they do that they will have Therriens trust.
  • Comment on Habs trade Leblanc to Ducks; Therrien gets four-year contract extension (2014-06-14 16:27:17)
    I am happy for MT. It takes a man of iron to coach in a market like Montreal and not bend to fan and media pressure. This team FAR EXCEEDED expectations two consecutive seasons with very minor personnel changes following the disastrous season 3 years ago. I don't know how you can spin that negatively, unless you legitimately think this team is better than it actually is. Personally I think most of the flack is unwarranted, especially the dump and chase argument. I don't think this team is dump and chase by design, other teams force them to dump the puck in with good positioning. You can't just decide you are going to rush the puck into the opposing zone when there are 4-5 larger opposing players ready to force you off the puck and turn it around the other way. My only complaint about MT is his usage of Boullion at times. That should be resolved now though!!
  • Comment on Habs to scrimmage at Bell Centre Monday night (with video) (2014-04-28 15:29:12)
    Yeah geez, Therrien is awful. What is this guy even doing? Leading his team to overachievement two seasons straight.... Terrible. I mean seriously, why was he not fired down the stretch just before the playoffs started? Guaranteed stanley cup!! We definitely need to fire this guy, doing so will make this team 500% better. Just like when we fired Martin. I saw Therrien shout at Subban... NOBODY shouts at my Subban. He only played 27 minutes In the habs last game to Boullions 15. That is still too much, Subban should be playing at least 37 mins a night, any less and it is Therriens folly. I definitely agree as well that losing to the best team left in the second round of the playoffs (Most analysts btw did not have the habs making the playoffs this year) will surely mark the end to Therrien's reign. He does not know what he is doing. And if it doesn't it should be the end of MBs reign. He has had his chance and did not do exactly what the fans wanted, which is unacceptable. DOWN WITH THERRIEN!!!! JK, he is by far the best French coach available, firing him would be a huge mistake. Anybody who thinks otherwise is ignoring pretty strong evidence.
  • Comment on Galchenyuk still not skating as Habs return to practice; Price doesn’t make Vézina list (with practice video) (2014-04-25 13:55:15)
    Bishop and Varlamov were arguably the only two goaltenders more important to their teams success than Price was to the habs. Rask, well Rask has the benefit of playing in front of a defensive juggernaut (And lets not kid ourselves, he is a pretty good goaltender too). Call me crazy but I think Varlamov deserves the award based off of where they play, how bad their defensive stats are and how good his numbers were considering these things. Don't let it get you down! It won't get Carey down. And as the habs improve so will he. It isn't a matter of IF in my personal opinion, it is a matter of WHEN.
  • Comment on HI/O Show: Nilan returns from ‘upper-body’ injury (2014-04-24 00:06:03)
    To be fair when he played the average save% was a bit lower than it is today, but I still agree completely with your point. When he was bashing Lindback I wanted to reach into my TV and slap him. Glenn Healy is the epitome of what is wrong with CBC.... uninformed, loud and utterly disrespectful to anything not maple leaved. If Sportsnet picks him up the contents of my bowels will shift to my pants in disgust.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 82 – Gionta’s penalty-shot goal in OT beats Rangers (2014-04-12 19:36:13)
    Connor Crisp just scored his second for Hamilton. I have a really good feeling about this guy!
  • Comment on Budaj to start for Habs vs. Sens; Beaulieu called up after Murray suspended 3 games (2014-04-03 20:23:56)
    I also agree. Beaulieu did not look out of place last time in the habs lineup and is prime to handle more minutes. Tinordi does not look great, but he can definitely handle third pairing minutes, he just needs to improve his defensive play on the PK and not make boneheaded passes. Boullion is a 7th defenceman, better than Drewiskie but should not be in the lineup every day.