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  • Comment on Habs 4, Panthers 1: Post-game reaction from Galchenyuk and Gallagher (Video) (2013-01-23 13:32:38)
    I want to shake Ryan White's barely bruised hands. Too long have we watched while other teams have taken liberties with our players. Laraque was supposed to have been brought in to address that but he would have had... "philosophical issues" with jumping the little twit who would hit one of our players face first into the boards from behind. Ryan White did not just send a message to the Panthers - he sent it to the whole league - mess with us and you'll pay. Prust fought the Leaf's tough guy who looks like the guy from Goon (Schreiber's character). Then last night a solid check and he apparently broke the guy's wrist! The message to the league is clear - no longer will the Habs players be undefended. No longer are they easy prey. I am fairly certain the next time White hits the ice at the place that should have been called the Forum (I despise a certain telecommunications company so completely I will not even type their name) he will receive a richly deserved warm ovation - and if I am lucky enough to be there I will be on my feet too...
  • Comment on Carey Price gets engaged (2012-08-20 17:42:56)
    I seriously think the Canadian Athletic Commission should look into getting the gold back in Ben Johnson's hands - now that we know Carl Lewis was ALSO doping as well as others in that race... which then leads me to my somewhat controversial stance that we should just open the floodgates and let them dope up as they want...
  • Comment on THN predicts Habs will finish in 13th place (2012-08-20 09:43:08)
    I am with Clay - take my money not my health. How much will the Penguins lose over time if Crosby gets a career-ending concussion. Possibly 2 more stanley cups? Oodles of playoff revenue? Reams of merchandise? Tons of television exposure? What happens to the Caps' bottom line if Ovi gets run over in a car and can no longer play? Financial risk? Didn't George Gillette lose all his fortune only to gain it back? Didn't that weasel Loria fleece two cities for their baseball teams to the tune of 120 million each time? I think the owners can afford a little financial risk - think Crosby can take another hit to the head?
  • Comment on THN predicts Habs will finish in 13th place (2012-08-20 04:09:43)
    It IS a business. And the reason they sell so many tickets, t-shirts, caps, mugs, TV rights and all the other stuff has nothing to do with the owners. It's all down to either the logo on the jersey - like the CH or the Rangers - or the players - like Ovechkin or Crosby (note how much better financially those 2 franchises are since their respective superstars arrived). As such, I respectfully disagree with your assessment that it's up to the players to make all the concessions. Also, as evidenced by Philly's attempt to sign Shea Weber, there is financial warfare going on with one franchise attempting to undermine the very existence of another. Nashville NEEDS to play this season in order to just cover Weber's new salary - let alone everyone else. If the owners weren't at war with each other, there would be less labour strife.
  • Comment on THN predicts Habs will finish in 13th place (2012-08-19 23:00:19)
    If I may disagree respectfully, I think Umberger's lack of physical presence and penchant for getting clobbered would not be an upgrade over Bourque.
  • Comment on THN predicts Habs will finish in 13th place (2012-08-19 22:47:12)
    If we're talking music, please provide your unfiltered feedback on my own stuff... I have love for Simon & Garfunkel and NIN. Carlos Santana and Jai Uttal. RUSH and Dead Can Dance. The Beatles and Stones (for blowing your mind) and the Doors (for after). I also have love for MUSE and Jane's Addiction. Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. Mozart and Marillion. I do not love Coldplay - a little to limp wristed for my tastes. Metallica is over-rated in my humble opinion. I thought the Black Crowes had 2 great albums (Southern Harmony and Amorica) then got unfocused. I do like the late 80s early 90s gangsta rap but also the mid 90s NY stoner jazz rap - Diggable Planets, GURU, Jazzamatazz. I can barely listen to anything recorded in the last few years. And I think Bourque, Diaz and a non-1st pick for Stallberg and Hjalmarsson is a steal...I think Stallberg is going to surprise some folks in the very near future. But of course - it's just my opinion - everyone has one :)
  • Comment on THN predicts Habs will finish in 13th place (2012-08-19 15:28:28)
    If we can get him back to the 25 goal range, I'd be more than satisfied. That would suggest Pleks and Gionta would also be in that range. I also hope the team does a TON of shootout practice - we lost a bunch of games in shootouts last year - I think our season was somewhat salvageable had we won more of our shootouts. I would begin and end every practice with shootout drills..
  • Comment on THN predicts Habs will finish in 13th place (2012-08-19 14:28:50)
    I for one also think it's worth looking at AK again. His chemistry with Eller was palpable. With a former 20 goal scorer like Armstrong on the other side, this could be a rather formidable 3rd line. I also think we're going to see a bounce back year from Bourque - Gionta missed lots of time last year and his work ethic was missing from the chemistry on the team. I think he will really get in Bourque's kitchen for any lackadaisical play.
  • Comment on THN predicts Habs will finish in 13th place (2012-08-19 14:20:21)
    Yes - Hawerchuk > Sundin. And as far as missing the playoffs "again" well last season was the first one in about 5 seasons where did miss the playoffs. We had a bucket load of injuries and were often playing 4 if not 5 rookie defensemen - some of whom are not NHL worthy IMHO (Weber and Diaz). I think with the emergence of Emelin, a healthy Markov & Gionta, a more confident and assertive Eller, and some substantively increased toughness up front, to think we would only rise two spots is to be willfully anti-Hab. I am not exaggeratedly saying that we will win the cup, but I am fully confident that this team will make the playoffs.
  • Comment on Geoffrion signs; Centennial Plaza bites dust for Habs highrise condo project (2012-07-17 05:32:13)
    As a fellow jew not only can I read hebrew but I know what the word means :D And it applies to this cockamamie condo idea as much as it does to Chara...