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  • Comment on Habs’ division rivals not quiet (2012-07-06 07:39:23)
    Dont disagree that the net changes in the rest of the division appear to be significant at this point. That said, remains to be seen how the rest of the teams come together, build momentum and most importantly chemistry. That said, I think that while our beloved Habs have improved, I still think the single biggest factor for making the playoffs or not will be injuries and comebacks. If the core of the team (Price, Markov, PK, Pleks, Cole stays healthy, if there is a bounce back year from others (Gionta, Bourque, maybe Gomez) then I think they can compete for a playoff spot. Not real depth to backup the core at this point, so serious long term injuries or off years will be deadly Much as Id love to see it, I dont think they seriously compete for the Division title or the Cup this season. Two or three years from now...... Remembering the Dynasty Days.....
  • Comment on Audio: Price signs for six years, $39 million (2012-07-04 07:26:20)
    If you can get Dallas to buy that, then your next move should be to pick up Crosby for PK, Gomez and a 2nd rounder. Much as I like Pleks and respect his game, I doubt he would return much more than a second rounder and a role player at this point. Remembering the Dynasty Days.....