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  • Comment on Let’s get physical: Habs open training camp (2014-09-19 14:17:04)
    I agree with your perspective Krob. My view is the additions (outside of PAP - although Weaver is technically not an addition) were meant to make better use of the players that they already have - Malholtra helps Pleks, Weaver/Gilbert allow Emelin to shift back to his preferred side. If we go by MB's assertion that he is trying to build a team that contends on a year in year out basis, the "additions" plug some holes and add benefit while younger guys are getting to the point that the Habs are true contenders. I think the players that they have currently could make a good run in the playoffs, and potentially win it all if everything falls into place, but I certainly wouldn't consider them a favourite. I like what MB is doing. As for PAP - I wonder if this will go down as an absolute steal by MB. He has potential to be a top 6 winger with the Habs going forward. Only time will tell.
  • Comment on Odds against a Habs rookie cracking lineup this season (2014-09-11 17:26:12)
    He didn't go high because he was completely unknown prior to last year, and because of the "Russian factor", according to what I heard/read. He has high end skill, high end compete, and from all reports thinks the game at a high level. I think he would have to be lights out offensively to make the team - moreso than Galchenyuk was, because the Habs are better now than when he made it.
  • Comment on Martin Brodeur would take backup job with Habs if offered (2014-09-05 13:11:58)
    Too funny!
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-27 11:37:09)
    As per Engels: http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Eric-Engels/Sekac-Flashes-NHL-Skill-and-Work-Ethic-at-Octagon8230/82/61979
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-26 13:47:49)
    Sorry - I just don't see the loss of Vanek as much of an issue. For his career he is a .84 ppg player, evenly split between gpg (.42) and apg (.42). In the playoffs he has averaged .57 ppg with a split of .38gpg and .19 apg. He's presented as an elite scorer, but the stats don't back it up. Not saying that Vanek wasn't a decent player (.84 ppg is nothing to sniff at, particularly with the Habs), but he's not the sniper that people make him out to be. He's had two 40+ goal seasons and two 30+ goal seasons (none of which occurred in the past 4 seasons) and five 20+ goal seasons. I was happy when the Habs picked him up at the deadline last year, but after doing a little research and watching him play, I don't believe not bringing him back will have as much impact as many are making it out to be. Factor in his veiled snipe at MT over his line pairings (after a whole 18 regular season and 17 playoff games) and I'm fine with him moving on. This team doesn't need any malcontents or floaters, both of which Vanek appeared to be at times. Vanek's production will be made up for in the additions of Parenteau & Sekac, and increased production from Galchenyuk. If Vanek was a perennial 40+ goal scorer I'd fell differently, but he's not the player many make him out to be.
  • Comment on NHL players jump on board with ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (2014-08-14 13:10:44)
    Kane is not MB/MT's kind of player. He doesn't fit the "character" quotient that the Habs have been preaching for the past two years. Been watching him here for the past couple years - love the combination of size and skill, but he won't tow the line if there are issues. I would be shocked if the Habs made a play for him as he doesn't seem to fit the mold of the type of players they are bringing in.
  • Comment on New Hab Parenteau can’t wait for training camp to start (2014-08-11 16:16:28)
    Respectfully disagree, although I know as much about the reality of the situation as the next person. My belief is if Subban/Meehan had been asking for a reasonable amount of money long term, MB would have signed him no problem. The fact that they "settled" at 9 million per, says to me that Subban/Meehan was probably asking for much more. My opinion, but I suppose it's as valid as the next persons.
  • Comment on Subban wasn’t fazed by arbitration hearing with Habs (2014-08-07 10:04:05)
    McCarron's a bust? Crap.
  • Comment on Habs’ Subban expects arbitrator to decide on his contract (2014-08-01 17:31:46)
    I doubt there would be any drop off in his value. PK is an exceptional player, and if it became known the Habs were open to moving him teams would be competing with each other to get him, thus inflating his value. His value won't be impacted by this whatsoever.
  • Comment on Habs’ Subban expects arbitrator to decide on his contract (2014-08-01 17:08:50)
    The juries still out on Bogosian, as he had a pretty average/inconsistent year last year. I personally like him, but don't know if he is any more than a 3-4 defenseman. I've said it here a number of times that I do not see Kane as being the kind of player that MB is seeking to build the Habs. Can't see Kane and MT co-existing - first time MT benches Kane it would become an issue because Kane will not tow the party line - at least he hasn't shown that he will to this point.