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  • Comment on Prust will be game-time decision for Habs in Tampa (with practice video) (2014-04-16 11:00:08)
    As per Berkshire - Carey Price put up an astounding .956 save percentage against the Lightning this year, with an even more impressive .972 save percentage at even strength, stopping 104 of 107 shots. Yet even with that spectacular goaltending, Price recorded losses in three of four appearances. So, if we can score, we should win.
  • Comment on Budaj to start for Habs vs. Sens; Beaulieu called up after Murray suspended 3 games (2014-04-03 15:48:12)
    Last year in the playoffs Neil didn't have a hot clue what to do with Tinordi. I distinctly remember Tinordi cross checking Neil in the side of the head/face, and Neil didn't do a thing, most likely because he wasn't sure what Tinordi could do in a fight. Not that Tinordi is on par with Murray in terms of keeping guys honest, but he would be my next choice.
  • Comment on Playoff-bound Habs get day off in Florida; Murray faces NHL hearing (2014-04-02 15:47:05)
    I believe those comments were sarcastic in nature
  • Comment on Bring on the Sabres (2014-03-25 14:07:21)
    Re: the "cowardly" hit by Emelin on Lucic. Looked a lot like just a hockey play to me.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-21 10:20:31)
    May have been posted already - from Brian Wilde: - A really special moment after the game I want to share with you. Tinordi was taking his equipment off and there was a lull after Gionta finished. Price saw the media mass was going to converge on Tinordi about the late-game error. Price says "I'm ready. I'm ready." He still had his equipment on but he wanted to save his mate from the interview. It worked. We all converged on Price. I was just happy to watch it play out. Some moments are more than a clip so I let Tinordi leave and he did. Price watched him go and then answered the large scrum. The only player in the room, then to Tinordi's great credit he returned to face tough questions about his gaffe. After Tinordi was finished I returned to Carey, still wrapping up with Ron Reusch. I said to Price, "I saw what you did there, trying to save Jarred." He simply acknowledged I was right, that he protected his mate but like Carey he said nothing more, never looking for praise. I followed with, "If only the rest of the world supported each other like players and teammates in a locker room stand by each other." Carey responded, "It would be one hell of an amazing world." That's your goalie everyone. That's a man's man. That's a character person. That's someone to look at and admire and that has nothing to do with stopping a puck. Read more: http://montreal.ctvnews.ca/call-of-the-wilde-price-unbelievably-good-habs-still-lose-1.1739193#ixzz2wbghR8B1
  • Comment on Price takes part in full practice, but still listed as day-to-day (with video) (2014-03-14 12:22:29)
    Starting tomorrow, the Habs play 9 games in 14 nights, which might account for the days off we've been seeing. SAT, 15 MAR 2014 SENATORS CANADIENS 7:00 SUN, 16 MAR 2014 CANADIENS SABRES 7:00 TUE, 18 MAR 2014 AVALANCHE CANADIENS 7:30 THU, 20 MAR 2014 BLUE JACKETS CANADIENS 7:30 SAT, 22 MAR 2014 CANADIENS MAPLE LEAFS 7:00 MON, 24 MAR 2014 CANADIENS BRUINS 7:30 TUE, 25 MAR 2014 SABRES CANADIENS 7:30 THU, 27 MAR 2014 CANADIENS RED WINGS 7:00 SAT, 29 MAR 2014 CANADIENS PANTHERS 7:00
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-13 09:43:15)
    One of those games where each defensive mistake seemed to end up in our net. To me it seemed that as the game progressed our skaters looked less and less confident - in my opinion a reflection of their confidence level in Budaj to make the big save when needed. The team needs Price back - that's not to say that Budaj is the cause of all their problems, but skaters need to believe that their goalie is going to come through when needed. I'd play Tokarski next game, and then the next if he plays well.
  • Comment on Weary Habs get day off after loss in Phoenix (2014-03-07 17:27:42)
    If you or I don't like our job, we find another one, then quit the one that we have. Hockey players don't have that luxury - if they don't like they're job, they have to ask for a trade. We'll never know all the details about what went down in Tampa Bay. In the end, St. Louis wanted out, and the only way to get out is to ask for a trade. Tampa Bay gave him the no movement clause, which gave him all the leverage. Before we throw St. Louis under the bus, we should remember that they can be moved at the whim of the GM (unless they have NTC/NMC). In the end it's a business. St. Louis did what he thought was right for him and his family. In my mind, he gave Tampa Bay lots of good years, got paid well for it, and then moved on when he thought it was time.
  • Comment on Vanek set to make Habs debut in Phoenix; Gorges returns to Montreal (2014-03-06 14:33:37)
    A useful read from Eklund: http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Eklund/Who-are-the-REAL-Contenders--And-a-Thank-You/1/58483
  • Comment on Vanek set to make Habs debut in Phoenix; Gorges returns to Montreal (2014-03-06 13:02:22)
    Which is exactly why he picked up a decent depth d-man - despite all the complaining on this site about the pick-up.