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  • Comment on Bouillon hopes to keep playing after being released by Canadiens (2014-10-06 13:41:10)
    The Jets have nothing for experienced netminders after Pavelec, even in the minors. Hutchinson played very well through a meteoric rise last year, including a few games in the NHL, but hasn't looked overwhelming in pre-season. It appears that the trade for Budaj was an insurance type move, in which they moved a guy they didn't need (Tangradi) for a guy the Habs didn't need (Budaj). Holland was likely a throw in to clear a roster spot for the Habs and give the Jets a bit more depth. If Hutchinson falters or Pavelec gets hurt, Budaj will be up with the Jets.
  • Comment on Liveblog: The kids were alright in 3-1 win (2014-10-02 10:28:12)
    Evidenced by Toews benig thrown off his game by being rubbed out along the boards by Emelin. Emelin gets players thinking/frustrated (Lucic, Chara) which makes them less effective. He's going to cough up the puck here and there - the question is whether the positive balances the negative. Judging by MT's admiration of Murray last year, I would say that it balances in Emelins favour for now.
  • Comment on Canadiens separate contenders from pretenders at camp (2014-09-25 10:01:56)
    Good points by both of you. That's what happens when I hurry off a reply first thing in the morning - hadn't thought through all the variables.
  • Comment on Canadiens separate contenders from pretenders at camp (2014-09-25 08:09:38)
    Everyone said Briere was untradeable/Habs would have to eat salary as well. Moen for Peluso I would do in a heartbeat. The kid has enough skill to play on the 4th line, and can really chuck-em in a scrap. He'd fit in well with the Habs.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens edge Bruins 3-2 to open preseason (2014-09-24 09:42:23)
    Well played. But I would suggest he becomes THE Great Grandpa.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens edge Bruins 3-2 to open preseason (2014-09-23 17:35:51)
    So close...
  • Comment on P.K. Subban won’t be in lineup for pre-season opener vs. Bruins (2014-09-23 15:47:51)
    I was making this point earlier about whether this is the year that MB makes a trade (or two) to get some of the younger guys in the line-up. To me it appears that MB has built the team by plugging holes with some veterans on shorter term contracts, in anticipation of younger guys being ready. MB and MT keep talking about guys forcing their way into the line-up. With what appears to be only one open spot at both forward and defence, what happens if more than one of the young guys forces the issue (Sekac, de la Rose, Sherbak at forward; Beaulieu, Tinordi, Pateryn, Nygren at defence). I also wonder about Bournival - if there is a place for him. It seems to me something has to give, and if we go by what management has been saying, perhaps this is the year that we see one of the veteran players moved during the season.
  • Comment on P.K. Subban won’t be in lineup for pre-season opener vs. Bruins (2014-09-23 14:10:26)
    I wonder if this might be the year that we see MB make an in season trade to accommodate the younger players. From what I've observed, MB has been carefully plugging holes with shorter term veteran contracts, not really tying his hands should one of the younger guys press the issue. In the past couple years they've been able to accommodate a couple young guys coming in just through open roster spots at training camp. As there are few spots available (looks like one forward and one defence) and several guys knocking (potentially) on the door at each spot (F - Sekac, de la Rose, Sherbak; D - Beaulieu, Tinordi, Pateryn, Nygren), is this the year that MB moves someone to make room for a young guy at some point?
  • Comment on Habs’ Eller sidelined with lower-body injury; junior team trades Scherbak (2014-09-22 22:16:12)
    I'd be for having a certain amount of exceptions for junior players playing in the AHL. Maybe 2 players that a team can put in the AHL rather than return to juniors. It would protect the junior league from being pillaged, but also allow teams to fast-track players who really have nothing more to gain.
  • Comment on Let’s get physical: Habs open training camp (2014-09-19 14:17:04)
    I agree with your perspective Krob. My view is the additions (outside of PAP - although Weaver is technically not an addition) were meant to make better use of the players that they already have - Malholtra helps Pleks, Weaver/Gilbert allow Emelin to shift back to his preferred side. If we go by MB's assertion that he is trying to build a team that contends on a year in year out basis, the "additions" plug some holes and add benefit while younger guys are getting to the point that the Habs are true contenders. I think the players that they have currently could make a good run in the playoffs, and potentially win it all if everything falls into place, but I certainly wouldn't consider them a favourite. I like what MB is doing. As for PAP - I wonder if this will go down as an absolute steal by MB. He has potential to be a top 6 winger with the Habs going forward. Only time will tell.