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  • Comment on Armstrong’s Habs career ends, while Brière’s begins (2013-08-04 14:48:04)
    One of the challenges for the forwards was to set up the fighters with the right weight class. Enter Parros. Having Parros now forces heavy weights and middle weights to match up with the right weight class. Prust, White, Moen all become more effective as middleweights. Typically a team needs 6 20 goal scorers to aspire for the cup. Montreal has 9 that can potentially put up 20 goals on a 82 game schedule. Bad up front is that the Habs at center have trouble winning faceoffs. Eller improved but Plekanic is the only reliable face off guy in top 9. Dumont and White have been above average in their short career so far which is promising. Still need improvement from Eller and Galynchuk. Do not expect much from Desharnais on faceoffs. Defence for mobility good with Subban, Markov, Diaz. Size is the issue. Once Emelin went down the weakness of size and toughness on defence was exposed. Subban and Emelin were man handled often with legal hits which the Parros addition will help. Still need Size. Tinordi potentially helps but he is not in his man body yet. Pateryn replacing a Bouillon within a year would help. Lack of size on defence is the problem right now. On Hockeysfuture the Habs have 25 players rated 7+ which is tops in the league so finally the depth is starting to be built up and growth from within is possible. Eller gained 14 lbs over the last summer and had a break out. Pacioritty gained 10 lbs of muscle the year before and another 10 the year after. Coincidentally he also had a break out after gaining the muscle. Subban went from a player barely 200 lbs to 214 lbs and won the Norris. Interesting parallel to the young guys growing into their bodies. I think Habs are poised to start trading veterans when the young guys are ready to replace them. Minors balanced with size and skill now. Player development is the main focus. Personally happy with this trend from growth from within.
  • Comment on Montreal fans get first up-close look at new Hab Parros (2013-07-31 19:40:17)
    I have to disagree with you. Montreal has given up their first and second pick the year they got Tanguay. They traded their 2nd year after year after that. The real problem is not giving him enough picks to make a difference. So far experts have given the Habs a great review on the last 2 drafts where they had extra picks in the 2nd round and had a great rated drafted. Considering the Habs have been rated in the top 10 organizations besides giving away draft picks and I expect that they will be top 5 this year once all organizations minor leagues are rated.
  • Comment on Gallagher proving again that size isn’t everything (2013-03-07 05:47:00)
    Add Tinordi and Pateryn and you have just added 2 guys who are big and the defence looks more balanced. No arguement from me about the current balance on D. Great if they do not get bottled up in their zone. Vulnerable to opposition cycle. I think the size on defence will come from within. Even Beaulieu is 6'3.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-10 08:37:17)
    I can understand everyone being upset. I think we go back to the Boston game that was lost. Montreal led in face offs in first winning 6 of 9 faceoffs. Boston unable to set up in the Montreal zone. Montreal went on to loose more than 60% of the faceoffs and loose 2-1. Julien made a few adjustments on matchups, moved Seguin to the Lucic Krecji line and all of a sudden found ways to set the cycle up in the defencive zone. Fact: only one player on defence is over 220 lbs, Emelin. We know we are vulnerable to the cycle. No quick fix to this but with guys like Tinordi and Pateryn learning their trade this will be fixed internally hopefully. Glaring need for a tough d man who can clear the net. I see the defence as a unit that is built to get the puck up the ice quickly much like the old Detroit defence and can be effective that needs one addition vs a complete overhaul. Fact: Desharnais is not a fast skater and horrible on the faceoffs, besides being small. Plekanic holds his own on faceoffs, Galynchuk is still learning to take a faceoff. Only Eller has progressed in this department and Therrien has not taken advantage of it. Eller came into this season 11 lbs heavier with muscle. I was expecting him to progress on face offs and ability to go to the net. He either is helping the kid line or playing with Cole and Desharnais. Eller (takes the faceoffs), Desharnais and Cole (Desharnais has 2 big bodies), Pacioritty with Galynchuk and Gallagher so they have someone to finish the plays or Eller plays with the kids. Puck possession team that cannot win faceoffs will not have much puck possession. The surprise conference finals we added Moore who is above average on faceoffs, it is not a coincidence. Gomez and Plekanic were 50% faceoff guys and Moore was close to 60%. Galynchuk and Desharnais are well below 50% and Plekanic is about 50%. Galynchuk has the potential to hold his own or better and the only other option is Eller. White and Prust are moved around the line up as warning shots and they appear on each of the 3 lines occassionally without being instigated so everyone knows they are there. Agree with trading guys who are not part of the future in particular if you will not make the playoffs. Kristo, Collberg, Hudson, and so on are also not big players who would join Gallagher, Gionta and Desharnais. Make some room for the young guys. Boston is smaller than Montreal but appear bigger because for example Krejci is playing with Lucic, on Defence they have Chara. But really look at their lineup and it is a mixture of balancing the lines that makes the whole look bigger than it is. Besides the gifts from Toronto in the form of Hamilton, Seguin, Rask but that is another story, lol
  • Comment on A $60-million salary cap would hurt Habs in 2013-14 (2013-01-02 18:30:00)
    He did trust Carbaneau too much which hurt like the Ribiero trade and of course firing of Julien. This is squarely on the bosses shoulders.
  • Comment on A $60-million salary cap would hurt Habs in 2013-14 (2013-01-02 18:28:36)
    Bob Gainey did alot of good things to try and clean up a system void of talent at big league level and minor league level. Not sure I would blame him for everything. be thankful that we had injuries and gave us a chance to draft a good player.
  • Comment on News of Robinson, Dudley, Doan, Chelios and Brodeur (2012-07-12 19:04:41)
    I agree with your comments. It is very difficult to be competitive with a young inexperienced defence. Rookies up front with a veternan defence can make it but not the opposite. Everyone forgets that Diaz, Emelin are rookies. Markov missed the season, Subban was in his second year. Grit counts for little if you can not hold your own from a Hockey point of view. AK is big and would be helpfull. 210 lbs and can get you 20 goals. That size and skill level are not easily found. Bourque does not replace Cammelleri nad Kostitsyn.
  • Comment on Eller signs for two years (2012-07-06 21:18:24)
    Agree with your lines and mixing and matching as required to get a message across with Prust, white and Moen being thrown into other lines
  • Comment on Audio: Prust wants to be part of exciting change with Habs (2012-07-02 09:10:00)
    agree with wjc.
  • Comment on Audio: Prust wants to be part of exciting change with Habs (2012-07-02 07:12:49)
    Team toughness greatly improved. Even with Jagr in the fold we would be under the cap. This is great news. They key to being a tough team is team toughness. Guys like Armstrong, Prust, White, Bouillon, Gorges will feel like they can get into the face of a Bourque who does not bring it. This will increase the whole team toughness. Looking forward to the season and training camp. Now no young guys will be rushed which is also very good. Jagr -235 Plekanic - 195 armstrong -Tough Gionta Gomez -200 Cole -205 Pacioritty -208 Desharnais Bourque -215 Prust- Tough Eller -200 White -Tough Moen -215 tough Nokelanan Markov -200 Gorges -tough Emelin - 220 tough Kaberle 214 Subban -210 tough Diaz Weber Bouillon - tough