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  • Comment on Bergevin, Meehan to talk P.K. (2012-07-25 11:04:39)
    If someone gave an offer sheet (for PK) it is my understanding they would have to give the Canadiens 4 first round draft picks. He's not worth that, so there is absolutely no need to worry. PK is like a third defenseman. What the Habs really need is a big good guy to move people from in front of Price. Until they get that sort of defenseman it's the same old, same old. If there is a season, they will finish between 10th and 14th place.
  • Comment on P.K. is last unsigned Canadien (2012-07-15 12:51:14)
    It's a sad situation when 50% of your Defense is AHL caliber. George's and Markov are NHL CALIBER but, ARE BASICALLY ONE CHECK AWAY from another knee injury. They have nobody that is big that can move people from in front of the net. It's Gauthier's Defense, year two. And OH yes Kaberle he's been finished for two years. It is simply impossible (with this defense) for the Canadiens to make the playoffs. I am willing to bet on this one.
  • Comment on Exclusive: ‘Would have been interesting,’ Robinson says of Habs post (2012-07-03 11:51:31)
    The idea that SUBBAN is a RDA means that you don't have to pay him the big contract. If need be you go to arbitration. Another guy who is way over rated by many fans. Because he is full of himself doesn't mean he is a great hockey player. He is still weak defensively.
  • Comment on Audio: Price signs for six years, $39 million (2012-07-03 09:56:09)
    I would have gone to salary arbitration (Price). So far the guy hasn't won anything in the NHL. In the Boston series two years ago, Thomas was the much better goaltender. Although Price is technically very good he is not very quick. To win Stanley Cups you need to be able to recover quickly. He recovers slowly. Let's hope they don't go crazy with Subban's salary. He is still learning the position. Anything over 3.5 million is ridiculous. That is one reason the Habs can't win anything. They overrate there players and pay much to much which leaves very little in the bank to get someone really good. I have to admit however, that Bergevin is doing a much better job than Gauthier getting some toughness.
  • Comment on Habs sign RFA Emelin to 2-year, $4-million deal (2012-07-01 09:29:55)
    Seems to me they are hiring all the same players they had last year at an increased salary. What position did they end-up in last year wasn't it, 15th. place. Travis Moen for 4 years, Emilin who is not allowed to fight, for 2 years at 2million a year and White who played two good games and then looked horrible for the rest of the year ,Wow. Allow the young guys to play like Ellis, like Collburg (name spelling) and others who are slated for Hamilton . Get some big guys for the third and fourth lines who are TOUGH even if they can't skate that well, half of L A couldn't skate. So far no difference from Gauthier except there are a lot of Queberers in the coaching ranks. Big DEAL.