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  • Comment on Audio: Prust wants to be part of exciting change with Habs (2012-07-01 20:57:19)
    I'm looking at the roster and it's telling me there must be a trade or something else (waiver moves) about to happen. Here are the forwards: Cole-DD-Patches Gio-Pleks-Leblanc Armstrong-Lars-Moen Prust-Nokelainen-White Blunden-G.Love-Bourque (what a line this would be!) and then defensemen: PK-Gorges Markov-Emelin Karberle-Franky Soup Diaz-Weber We finally seem to have some much needed depth (albeit 3rd line depth), but I can't see how this would work out if nothing were to change before the season. Add to that the rumors that we're searching for another top six and ze plot thickens. What do you guys think? Also, Happy Canada Day!
  • Comment on Update: Darche has played his last with Habs (2012-06-28 04:15:11)
    I'll tutor you in math and sciences. Everybody pitch in where they can!