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  • Comment on RFA White signs; Galchenyuk headlines development camp (2012-06-27 01:41:46)
    Since there's no hockey to watch, and likely no Hab-related news 'til Sunday, I'll pitch something crazy to y'all. Bear with me here... hopefully it'll at least be amusing :) 1) The Habs need a 2nd line LW Assuming the MaxPax-DD-Cole line stays together (and there's no reason they shouldn't start the season together), Pleks and Gionta need someone on the left wing who can pot 40-50 pts/season, and it's doubtful if Bourque can be a consistent top-6 forward in Montreal. This forward would preferably be over 6 feet tall and 210 lbs, to offset Pleks (5'11) and Gionta (5'7) 2) This year's UFA forward crop sucks Parise isn't coming here, Penner is Latendresse V2.0 (outside of one playoff year), Semin or Kostitsyn would disrupt the work-first culture Bergevin and Therrien are trying to instill in MTL, and Parenteau is a RW with inflated numbers. The rest are third- and fourth-line grinders. We're not finding that magical missing piece on the UFA market. 3) The Habs have a logjam on D Assuming PK-Markov-Gorges as our top-3 D, and with Emelin earning a spot based on potential, improved positioning, and physical play, we have 2 spots left for Diaz, Weber, Kaberle, and St-Denis. I like Diaz, but having that many non-physical puck-movers on the backend is exactly what killed the Habs this season. 4) Tomas Kaberle sucks defensively ... I don't need to elaborate, do I? So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the next Montreal Canadiens left-winger: Tomas Kaberle. 6'1 214lbs Averages 47 pts/season, consistently Czech connection with Pleks Moving Kaberle to the wing minimizes his defensive lapses and frees up a roster spot for one of Weber or St-Denis, while keeping him available for PP QB duty (I foresee Eller-Pleks-Gio or Bourque-Pleks-Gio as the 2nd forward unit on the powerplay). A little insane, I know (okay, a lot insane). Just thought I'd try to get creative with a bad situation, since it's unlikely that we find a taker for Kaberle, and I'd rather not lose Diaz or Weber while they're at their lowest value.