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  • Comment on Habs will have plenty to work on at practice (2014-10-14 20:53:31)
    Leaf fans, Canadiens fans...both the same. Both love their teams win or lose. In case you have not noticed Canadiens have not won a cup in 21 years. Now what does that mean? If you were ten years old in 1994, you are about 30 years old now. If you are in your forties and started watching the Canadiens in 1984 you have witnessed two cups. If you are 10 years to 30 years old you have witnessed zero cups. But you still cheer for your team (Canadiens) So fans of that age who cheer for the Leafs have witnessed zero cups just like you. Old fans die, new fans take there place, old fans lose interest, new fans discover the game. You would have to 50 plus to have witnessed 6 cups or so. What kid even cares what happened before the year 2000, that is ancient history to them. If a Leaf fan becomes a Canadiens fan does he inheiret all of the cups as a right. So enjoy the games, and leave others to enjoy the games, you are not superior because you cheer for some coloured laundry.
  • Comment on Habs get day off after blowout in Tampa (2014-10-14 19:19:36)
    Do not know what is wrong with me? Cannot get into confusing hockey this year. Is it 9 million dollar salaries? Is it confusing television schedule? Is it too much hype? Too many teams? Even 'Timo' seems dry and predictable, who would have thought? Hab in Burlington is disgusted with me because I cannot/will not buy in to cable money grab. Is the season really too long, only one thing to do, shorten it. For me it will mean start watching in February, between snow storms. Is this only me? I look at a game and go ho hum, I am trying, really I am.....any help or advise for my delema would be appreached. Everything seems staged and rehersed....everything!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-14 10:52:03)
    Haven't seen a game so far this season, I guess I haven't missed much. Watching the 'Whining' is fun though.....keep it up.
  • Comment on Drop the puck! Canadiens set to open season in Toronto (2014-10-08 14:09:27)
    As far as the Mcclean thing, the NHL and Rogers wanted a different media approach. More women commenting, for the female fans. Younger commentators for the young and hip fans. More noise, more lights, different camera's, rock music, something happening every second. Flashing lights, strobes, young new players, rule changes for a faster game. Announcers both on Television and at the game that hype everything including introductions, live national anthems. Gone are the days of the organ, small goal celebrations and just the game. Now every goal is like a Stanley cup winner, jumping at the glass. Something for the young new fans just checking it out. Game day hype, like there are only 81 more games and about 10 more months of hockey.
  • Comment on Drop the puck! Canadiens set to open season in Toronto (2014-10-08 14:01:01)
    When Ziegler was in charge he let the players play the season while they negotiated. When season was over and playoffs were starting they went on strike. The owners fired Ziegler and gave him a golden parachute. Bettman came a long and would not let the season start without a contract in place, it was called a lock out. Of course the players did not like this because the loss their leverage. The owners supported Bettman because the other way was a disaster for them. Bettman is the lightning rod and makes about 8 or 9 million plus bonus's and perks. The owners remain lily white and wonderful (Molson for example) Players have seen their salaries rise into the mult-millions per year with Bettman at the helm. Fans pay, pay, pay and then pay some more and take it up the asp and blame Bettman for everything (lightning rod). So try and take an objective look at everything before you make people into the BOOGIE MAN.
  • Comment on Drop the puck! Canadiens set to open season in Toronto (2014-10-08 10:19:22)
    Do not worry, be happy. At least you are not homeless. You have rent money, a roof over your head, a nice warm bed, you are well fed (maybe too well fed). Making or missing the playoffs is out of your control. So only worry about what you can actually control. No control....equals no power or ability to alter any course. Relax, worrying is misdirected energy. Conserve energy worry less, unless the rent is due and you are broke.
  • Comment on Drop the puck! Canadiens set to open season in Toronto (2014-10-08 08:06:48)
    A bench warmer that can't keep up. Plays in Calgary, sort of.
  • Comment on Drop the puck! Canadiens set to open season in Toronto (2014-10-08 08:05:22)
    Bash, what I am reading is you are on the band wagon, but ready to leap off. Why would Weaver be solid in the playoffs and fail during season? Team toughness with speed and ability to play, rather then toughness with nothing else to add. Emelin will be fine. The team is a lock for the playoffs. Last year was, what if Price fails, Price this, Price that, now it is a given Price will be great.
  • Comment on Drop the puck! Canadiens set to open season in Toronto (2014-10-08 07:56:19)
    How 'sport talk shows really work. You show up for the first meeting, idea's are past around and presented. Depending on the time of year, certain things are a given. Beginning, predicting finishes are always done. So you come in to the meeting and you have to, HAVE TO, predict the you do...thats it. When the season starts you have your meeting and throw around idea's that might work. You have to take a side and argue for that side. No dead air space allowed. You have Mr. Level headed, Mr. antagonizer, Mr. Outrageous. This creates controversy...some are hated.....great....some are loved....great....some are boring...not so great. Just like wrestling good guys vrs outrageous guys with boring level headed guys for balance. Hey it is a pay they laugh all the way to the bank.
  • Comment on Drop the puck! Canadiens set to open season in Toronto (2014-10-08 07:48:34)
    Good morning Mr. Charley that is going back. A guess we agree, there has to be a whipping boy whether it be French, English, Russian or Mexican (Gomez), there will be someone. I am going at this differently, I am going to ignore most of it until after Christmas, then maybe start tuning in a bit. Cold winter weather is a factor and then maybe I can make it until June, I will see. Season is too long....highlights and a little radio for the first while with the odd CBC game on a Saturday night might just be about right. Time to build something, read stuff, scan the internet, etc.