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  • Comment on Canadiens name Therrien coach (2012-06-06 13:38:01)
    I think it is a boring move by the Habs is what has everyone bummed out. At the end of the day all the angry people will be on board if the Habs start winning. Winning makes all things right amongst Habs fans. Losing sucks. Loving the Habs is an abusive relationship when we all fell in love with them when they were pretty and winning cups. Then they started getting complacent in the relationship and when they realized that we were becoming less interested in our relationship they go and buy some flowers and a nice dinner to forget about their abuse of our love (ie a good run in the playoffs, beating the Leafs, finishing top in the playoffs). then forget and love them again, get our hopes up that things really will be different this time and that they have changed and are really going to try again so we trust once more! But then come back and beat us up again.... poor us but they are our Habs so lets just do what we do every year..... see if it is going to be the abusive love of our lives on bad behaviour or that romantic caring and successful team that we first fell in love.... All we can do is hope that the Stanley Cup drought will end... Bonne Chance Therrien