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  • Comment on And the clock ticks louder toward a lockout (2012-09-12 11:38:01)
    He has a chance but a slim one at that as there is an even bigger chance the Donkeys don't even win their division. Don't forget the Chiefs are in the AFC West and will rather be the ones coming out on top. See you Nov 12th, Monday night 8h30 PM.
  • Comment on Hartley gets Flames job (2012-05-31 14:07:31)
    My humble opinion, we are the Montreal Canadiens. Figure out who you think is the best coach for the team regardless of whether he is working for another team, doesn't speak English ( or more importantly French ) and go get them. The Leafs wanted Burke...they made it happen. Once upon a time the Habs wanted someone, they went out and got them ...they found a way. They wanted Beliveau, they bought his team that owned him. The coach you want doesn't speak our creative....find a way to make it work. They work with another team....make them an offer they can't resourceful. You are the Montreal are like the greatest champion stud out there...don't settle for some fat ugly drunk chick at the end of the night at a sleezy bar.....go get that young hot trophy wife that everyone will have everything you need to make it happen man......go get her stud ;-)