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  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens beat mighty Blues (2015-02-24 23:38:24)
    agreed. there are many games when they seem to be pretty much unbeatable and others where nothing seems to go right. and they play especially poorly against teams that are supposed to be bad. i think they've learned that all they really need to worry about is getting in the playoffs. once they start, everyone has a shot. look at LA: in the last three years they have come 8th, 5th and 6th in the regular season (in the west). they have won twice, yes, but the year they didn't they lost to the eventual champs Chicago... in the western final. not bad. they seem to be grasping at straws at the moment though. anyways, montreal's management (and many other teams' i'm sure too) have taken into account how the top teams are built and run. bergevin (and therrien) are building a team to win in the postseason. DSP looks like an excellent pickup from this point of view, though i am very sad to see sekac go. ultimately, though, it starts with allowing the minimum number of goals. so far so good.
  • Comment on Blue Jackets vs. Canadiens preview: Galchenyuk out with the flu (2015-02-21 01:54:46)
    they were playing the Blues. not exactly the kind of team you'd want to have your first career start against.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Senators preview: Tokarski, Pateryn, Sekac in lineup for Habs (2015-02-18 00:26:59)
    I don't think we should worry about getting deals done now for this year's playoffs. The current team is only going to get better. Look to the medium- and long-term. I don't think they're good enough this year to win it all. Patience.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Senators preview: Tokarski, Pateryn, Sekac in lineup for Habs (2015-02-18 00:23:46)
    the lack of any forewarning of his personnel moves is a good thing in my opinion : )
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-17 01:55:25)
    'we have to listen'? you don't have to listen - you are just deciding to spend your time here for some rather unclear reason Price is undisputedly one of the best goaltenders in the league and is THE major reason his team is doing well. he just got a shutout against a good team. shush, fool.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-17 01:45:01)
    welllll also Detroit was in one of the divisions that switched conferences before the 81-82 season - so from that point on they and the Habs would've had to have met in the finals...
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-13 08:30:45)
    meh, i'm going skiing on the mountain now....
  • Comment on It’s official: Habs vs. Bruins in 2016 Winter Classic (2015-01-25 12:06:49)
    for sure, but even at mcgill the rink would still be swallowed up by the football field. CFL fields are huge AND this one has a track around the outside. look at shots from the games at McMahon and Commonwealth - the fans are very far away from the ice. an NFL stadium would be better as they are purpose-built for the sport and do a better job of getting the crowd close to the action
  • Comment on It’s official: Habs vs. Bruins in 2016 Winter Classic (2015-01-25 05:08:28)
    Dave, he means it's played everywhere, not that every country is involved... Though 32 is a much bigger number than 6.... The NHL is definitely trying to capture some of that magic, but ultimately nobody outside of the hockey-playing countries actually cares. For example, during the '14 Olympics, I was down in Argentina and everyone was down for the US-Russia game in the prelims but by the time the final came down the internet cables the TV channels were tuned in to figure skating. In my opinion, the IOC stifled any attempt by the NHL to create the premier international ice hockey competition in the leadup to the 1998 Nagano Games by allowing pro players at the Olympics, just 2 years after the original World Cup of Hockey. Coincidence? I think not. This is the difference with football/soccer - there is a competition at the summer Olympics, but none of the pro players can go, so nobody really cares about the result. The IOC has basically nipped the potential for this in the bud by allowing them. 3 World Cups in 20 years is the evidence.
  • Comment on It’s official: Habs vs. Bruins in 2016 Winter Classic (2015-01-25 04:53:35)
    If you really care, this is the wrong place to ask