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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-15 11:43:54)
    If we make the finals, I'll have no choice but to fly in from Edmonton. I've never been to a live playoff game. Again, I live in Edmonton.
  • Comment on Habs given day off Thursday after loss in Philly (2014-01-09 14:51:15)
    Totally agree. Well said.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 29: Budaj wins on the road again as Eller, DD score in Shootout (2013-12-05 01:19:39)
    There was a hard hack right on Patches' stick about a half second before he tried the shot.
  • Comment on Habs deal Cole to Stars for Ryder (2013-02-26 19:10:46)
    It's true that Cole had a tough start last season, but even though he wasn't picking up points through the first 8-10 games last year he was still creating lots of offence. Last season I wasn't ever worried that production would follow. This season has not been the same. I live in Edmonton, and I had a first hand look at Cole's woeful 27 points in 63 games stint with the Oilers. He didn't adjust well to Mactavish's system, looked lost most of the time, made soft plays in the defensive zone, and didn't mesh at all with any of his teammates. Sound familiar?
  • Comment on Training camp notes, Day 3 (2013-01-15 16:55:36)
    I think that your proposed 4th line would compare well to Boston's. Paille is basically a plug, Campbell is pretty good, and Thornton might be the perfect 4th line player. I think all 3 of the guys you mentioned are gritty, tough, and hard-working, but maybe lacking a bit of intelligent meanness à la Thornton (mean and angry, but takes few dumb penalties). I think White has shown flashes of it in his young career, and Prust could probably do it too.
  • Comment on Training camp notes, Day 3 (2013-01-15 16:49:30)
    No problem. It's an interesting perspective. I don't know if keeping Gally with the big club would be beneficial in the long run, though. He's having a really nice season in Sarnia, and I tend to think it would be good to let him finish what he started down there. Don't forget that he is for all intents and purposes a second year junior. Sarnia is leading their division right now, and it would be nice for Gally to potentially get a nice playoff run in. The other question is whether or not it's worth burning a year of his contract for half a season.
  • Comment on Training camp notes, Day 3 (2013-01-15 16:30:15)
    You forgot Stamkos, who got 46 in 79, for .58 ppg, deflated by the Melrose effect.
  • Comment on Last time Habs drafted No. 3 overall… (2012-04-11 15:09:21)
    Here's the cap numbers. That forward group is about 25 million (using Eller, Moen, and White's contracts from last year). Add in 2 plugs a million each, you've got 27. I'm not including Gomez, but if you choose to, you can go to 34. On D, there's about 14 million locked up. Add new deals for PK, Emelin and the two swiss. Call that 7.5, and now you have 21.5 for the D. Including Gomez, you've got 55.5 million, which allows you almost 9 million with which to sign Price. If you bury Gomez, well now you can sign Price and take a run at a star UFA.
  • Comment on Last time Habs drafted No. 3 overall… (2012-04-11 14:44:10)
    Hello folks, I've been reading HI/O for a very long time, but I've never felt compelled to register to leave a comment. This thread has finally prompted my to break my silence. 1- Re: Jordan Eberle. If you think Montréal would be able to trade for this kid without giving up Price, you are mistaken. Eberle is Edmonton's best forward, ahead of Hall and Hopkins. I live in Edmonton, and I probably watch more Oilers games than the average HIO reader. Eberle was tied for 15th in league scoring this year. He had the second best shooting percentage of anyone in the top 25 (after Stamkos). Out of the top 25 scorers, Eberle had the lowest TOI. Eberle played 17:35/gm. The next lowest is Ray Whitney (18:38/gm) and the 3rd lowest is Henrik Sedin at 19:05. Eberle was also a +4. He was one of only two Oilers forwards to be even or better last season. Never mid that Eberle might be the most popular Oiler. In conclusion, Eberle is not moving. 2- Re: The 3rd pick. Why is it that everyone assumes that just because Forsberg is regarded as the "safe" pick, he doesn't have a high ceiling? 3- Re: The Oilers at 1. They are picking Yakupov. Did you see Tambellini's face last night? He could barely keep the grin off his face. It wasn't "Oh YES! But I'm still picking Ryan Murray." It was "Haha! We get Yakupov!." 4- Re: Next year's forward lines. Cole-DD-Max Gionta-Pleks-Bourque Moen-Eller-LL Plug-White-Plug Like it or not, this is likely what we have. And I'm on the "like" side. We all konw that line 1 is good. Line 2 has 3 consistent 20 goal scorers, and line 3 will be responsible, with plenty of offensive upside. Anyhow, that about covers it.