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  • Comment on Therrien won’t reveal Habs’ lineup until game time (with locker-room videos) (2014-05-01 17:49:19)
    I really liked the way Bournival played in round one and I agree that his style of play fits right in with 'our' game. That being said I understand the logic behind inserting Moen into the lineup. Moen is one of the best defensive forwards on the team and is one of our best PKers. Our PK struggled a bit in round one and the Bruins were firing on all cylinders on their PP. The special teams battle will be important. The Habs scored the most 5-on-5 goals per game in round one and the Bruins barely scored more than one 5-on-5 goal per game. Their PP on the other hand was clicking at over 37% and accounted for nearly 50% of their goals in round 1. The Habs will need to continue their recent even strength scoring success and limit the Bruins PP if they want to move on. Inserting Moen in the lineup makes sense if we are looking to neutralize their PP.
  • Comment on Moen takes spot on fourth line as Habs prepare for Bruins (with practice video) (2014-04-27 19:09:10)
  • Comment on Moen takes spot on fourth line as Habs prepare for Bruins (with practice video) (2014-04-27 19:06:46)
    Actually fighting is probably the most useless of Moen's skills. If Moen gets inserted into the lineup it is because he is one of the best defensive forwards on the team and one of the league's best penalty killers. Our PK was very average in the first round and needs to improve because the Bruins were scoring at over 30% on the PP so Moen is an obvious solution to that problem.
  • Comment on Moen takes spot on fourth line as Habs prepare for Bruins (with practice video) (2014-04-27 14:55:38)
    Moen is not being inserted for his physicality. He is being inserted because of his defensive prowess and elite PK ability. Paired with Pleks they are one of the best PKing duos in the NHL and in the last 5 minutes of game holding onto the lead Moen has proven to be a very good player to have on the ice in those situations. MT is not dumb enough to think the way to beat the bruins is by being physical. The way to beat the bruins is by imposing our style of play on them not the other way around.
  • Comment on Habs vs. Bruins in Eastern Conference semifinals (2014-04-27 14:00:37)
    Give me a break man, if you think adding 1 player to the lineup makes the difference between running scared and super confident you are delusional. The Habs will certainly not be running scared with or without Murray. Nothing I have seen from them this season gives any indication that they are afraid of the Bruins. I find it rather hilarious that people always seem to think that the Bruins physicality is what gives them an edge over us. Have you not been watching the Habs vs Bruins matchups over the last decade? The Habs have won most of them by using their speed and skill to get the Bruins off their game. I can recall maybe one game where their physical play actually directly effected a win. Other than that the Bruins physicality has never really been an asset for them vs the Habs, when they do beat us it's because they stick to playing hockey.
  • Comment on Habs vs. Bruins in Eastern Conference semifinals (2014-04-27 13:49:41)
    That's a weak argument. Top to bottom the Habs and Wings have very different players. Just because they are two teams that like to use their speed does not mean they will suffer the same fate. The Wings were missing their captain and second best forward for most of the series and the games he played he wasn't 100%. They were relying heavily on contributions from young inexperienced players (Tatar, Sheahan, Miller, Jurco, Nyquist, DeKeyser) and those guys didn't come through for them. Not to mention that other than Kronwall the Wings are very thin and inexperienced on D. The Habs on the other hand have a much better balance of youth and experience. They are going to need Patches, Eller, Gally and Bournival to perform well but those guys are surrounded by Vanek, Pleks, Gionta and Briere amongst others. We also have a norris caliber dman in PK which Detroit did not and Markov is equivalent to Kronwall. Beyond those two the Habs are much more experienced on d, Gorges, Weaver, Boullion and Murray are seasoned vets and much more reliable in the postseason than guys like DeKeyser, Smith and Kindl. Finally there is the fact that Carey Price is a far better goaltender than Jimmy Howard. Howard is an above average goalie who can play very well for stretches, Price is elite and is one of the best in the world and will negate the advantage the Bruins had in nets in the first round.
  • Comment on Habs vs. Bruins in Eastern Conference semifinals (2014-04-27 13:03:30)
    LOL what games are you watching? Sure he isn't perfect but a majority of the time Price plays the puck very well. Most of the times that he plays the puck he either gets it right on the stick of one of our defenders or is able to clear the zone. His ability to play the puck could be a key factor in the Bruins series. The Habs need to get the puck out of the zone as quickly as they can. If Price can speed up that process by playing the puck it will make the series more manageable.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-23 11:48:26)
    I agree I don't want to see the Bruins in the final facing a banged up Western team. The best way to prevent that would be for the Habs to take care of business and send the Bruins packing! Can't wait for round two
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-23 11:17:38)
    He's watching the Habs. I can recall maybe one shot that he forced all series. PK has been making smart plays on the PP and the PP for the most part has been moving the puck around quite well. They didn't capitalize on enough of their opportunities but the lack of goals doesn't necessarily mean it's been horrendous. PK was outstanding in this series. His play was instrumental in shutting down Stamkos after game one and he constantly made the simple/smart plays that got the puck out of the zone quickly as well as effectively picked his spots to jump into the rush and contribute offensively.
  • Comment on Odds stacked against Lightning heading into Game 4 vs. Habs; Reno to sing anthem again (2014-04-22 13:15:02)
    Ok give me a factual reason why we have to restrict our selection to french speaking coaches. Give me an argument that isn't the majority of the Quebec population is french speaking. The job of the coach is to communicate with the players not the fans. You are sorely mistaken if you think the argument for hiring french coaches isn't 100% ideological. It has nothing to do with providing a better on ice product and everything to do with culture.