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  • Comment on Habs acquire Oilers defenceman Jeff Petry and Sabres forwards Brian Flynn and Torrey Mitchell at NHL trade deadline (2015-03-02 10:56:05)
    Flynn apparently can play any position on the 4th line. Brings some size and versatility to the bottom 6. Looking like Eller is probably on the market, DLR probably made him expendable
  • Comment on Maple Leafs vs. Canadiens preview: Gonchar returns to lineup for Habs (2015-02-27 17:46:14)
    Bigger players like Tinordi tend to take longer to reach their potential. That being said the fact that he hasn't managed to show he can be a #6 dman in the NHL yet is definitely cause for some concern. I'm sure if Bergevin thinks Tinordi will never hit his potential he is or will be shopping him soon. As far as Lars Eller goes he is producing right around the average for forwards that make his salary. This isn't 2006, 3.5 million rarely gets you a top 6 forward. There are 10 forwards in the NHL who have a cap hit of 3.4-3.6 mil and the average of their combined production this season is 24.7 points. Eller at 17 is slightly bellow that and is definitely producing bellow what he should for a player with his skills. That being said it isn't like most 3,5 million dollar forwards are going to be cracking 70 points this season. The more productive forwards at that cap hit like Desharnais and Turris are playing in top 6 roles with PP time. Bournival is young, cheap and a solid 4th liner. His speed makes him very effective on the forecheck. He's playing 7 min a night what do you expect from him offensively? Finally Bryan Allen was a cap trade. We could afford to take on Allen's slightly higher salary this season in order to rid ourselves of Bourque's 3.3 mil cap hit next year. Allen comes off the books at the end of the season. Nobody will take him in a trade and we don't really need to trade him.
  • Comment on Habs return to the ice after day off and a Halloween party (2014-10-24 14:11:59)
    The cap is expected to keep going up and the Habs are in a good cap situation. If AG continues his break out season I could see him putting together a season similar to Ryan Johansen in Columbus last year (33g 63p). Since the Habs have already set a precedent for bridge contracts with the PK negotiations I would expect AG to get a bridge deal similar to RJ 3 years 12 million 4 million cap hit. BG will also be given a bridge contract. He compares fairly closely to Marchand in style, size and productivity so it isn't unreasonable for his bridge deal to look similar to the 2 year 2.5 mil a season contract marchand signed in 2011. With an increased cap compared to 2011 that number probably rounds up to 3 maybe 3.5. With AG's potential contract that eats up about 7-8 million of the 10 mil of free space we have, assuming the cap doesnt rise at all which it most likely will. NB has 27 games of NHL experience and if he's lucky he might be able to increase that number to 67 max IMO. More likely he gets spot duty here and there and fills in for a few injuries and ends the season with somewhere between 40-50 games of NHL experience. I'm not sure that as an RFA NB will end up getting significantly more than 1 mil a year. JT is in a similar situation with only 35 NHL games under his belt and at best looking at slightly over 100 NHL games by the end of the year he is not in line for a big contract as an RFA. Erik Gudbranson who went 3rd overall in Tinordi's draft class and had just under 170 games NHL experience when he signed his contract got a 2 year deal with a 2.5 mil cap hit. Expect Tinordi to get less than that. It's easy to imagine the Habs locking up those 4 key players with the 10 or so million in cap space they will have going into the offseason if the cap doesn't rise. The cap should most likely rise and that means there is no doubt these players will be able to fit into the Habs cap structure.
  • Comment on Tokarski gets start in goal for Habs against Capitals; Moen replaces Weise on fourth line (2014-10-09 15:46:40)
    Great point about evaluating performance. As fans who spend a lot of time discussing our team on a daily basis a lot of have a tendency to put to much stock in game to game performances. It's important to take a step back and break down performance over longer stretches to add perspective. Like most people I agree that Markov's minutes should be managed a little more closely. I would be more comfortable with him playing 20-23 min than 24+. However, I don't think we will see his minutes reduced. I think his conditioning is very good, especially given his age and injury history and Therrien has a lot of confidence in him. Not saying it is the right thing to do to play him so many minutes but I think it is a trend that will continue. I personally don't want to see PK on the first unit of the PK. He is far too important to this team 5-on-5 and on the PP to be blocking slappers on a PK. I wouldn't mind seeing him get second unit PK but I think we have enough capable penalty killers on D that we don't need Subban to put his body on the line. As for the Norris voting the commentator made a mistake last night, I'm pretty sure PK finished 7th not 14th.
  • Comment on About last night …. (2014-10-09 12:06:14)
    Weaver is the defensive defenseman that replaced Gorges. The reason they brought in Gilbert to take Gorges top 4 spot was they were looking to improve their D-zone breakouts and transition game as it was an obvious problem in the NYR series. Gilbert also plays the right side which allows for Markov and Subban to be split up and Emelin to play on his proper side. Give the pairings sometime to gel and I am certain that in the long run we will see a more dynamic defense than we did last year which will lead to more offensive opportunity.
  • Comment on About last night …. (2014-10-09 01:07:24)
    I thought it was a very encouraging sign that Therrien did not tinker with the lines at all tonight. Considering none of these lines have had any regular season experience playing together they looked good and should only get better. Hopefully MT gives them a nice long stretch of games to solidify chemistry. If tonight was any indication of things to come then we should see the same line combos on a consistent basis, barring injury.
  • Comment on Lines taking shape as Habs prepare to face Blackhawks (with video) (2014-09-30 23:35:51)
    Seriously! They could've easily transitioned to a more speed and skill style of play if Seguin were still around. One of the few bad trades the Bruins have made in recent years.
  • Comment on Lines taking shape as Habs prepare to face Blackhawks (with video) (2014-09-30 23:02:57)
    For those worried about whether or not the Habs need an enforcer I decided to compare the size of our players in comparison to the rest of the division and some other top teams in the NHL. It looks like we are turning the corner from the smurf days. I broke down the rosters by how man forward and dmen on each team are under 6'0 and how many are more than 10 pounds below 200. Northeast Division: Habs: 4 forwards under 6’0, 2 forwards more than 10 lbs under 200, Weaver only starting D under 6’0 and more than 10lbs under 200. Bruins: 4 forwards under 6’0, 7 forwards more than 10 lbs under 200, only 1 starting D under 6’0 and under 200 lbs (Krug) Leafs: 3 forwards under 6’0, 6 forwards more than 10 lbs under 200, no D under 6’0 1 starting D more than 10 lbs under 200 Sens: 1 forward under 6’0, 1 forward more than 10 lbs under 200, no D under 6’0 and Karlsson only D more than 10 lbs under 200 Sabres: 3 forwards under 6’0, 4 forwards more than 10 lbs under 200, 1 D under 6’0 none more than 10 lbs under 200 The Habs are tied with the Bruins for most short forwards in the division but have the second least forwards more than 10 lbs under 200 which I believe is slightly more important when talking about size. When it comes to Dmen pretty much every team in the division has at least one either under 6'0 or more than 10 pounds under 200. Here is a look at some top tier teams (mostly western): Blackhawks : 6 forwards under 6’0, 5 forwards more than 10 lbs under 200, no starting D under 6’0 or more than 10 lbs under 200. Pens: 3 forwards under 6’0, only Hornqvist at 189 is more than 10 lbs under 200, starting D all over 6’0 200 lbs Kings: 2 forwards under 6’0, 2 more than 10 lbs under 200, no D under 6’0 or more than 10 lbs under 200 Ducks: 3 forwards under 6’0, 2 forwards more than 10 lbs under 200, 1 D under 6’0 more than 10lbs under 200 Blues: 4 forwards under 6’0, 3 forwards more than 10 lbs under 200, 1 D under 6’0 none under 200lbs Avs: 6 forwards under 6’0, 4 forwards more than 10 lbs under 200, 1 D under 6’0 none more than 10lbs under 200 Sharks: 5 forwards under 6’0, 1 forward more than 10 lbs under 200, no D under 6’0 or more than 10 lbs under 200 It seems like most teams have a couple of forwards under 6'0 and more than 10 lbs under 200. However, none of these teams (Habs included) have more than one "small" dman. This is not to say that the Habs are a big tough broadstreet bullies type team. They will not be physically beating up any teams IMO, however they finally have a roster that has decent size through and through and will definitely not be man-handled. We also have a young talented core that is improving and within the next 2 years we should have enough speed and skill to consistently dictate what kind of game we want to be played. When teams are stacked with speed and skill and also have enough big bodies not to be pushed around it is tough to get them off their game (e.g. Hawks). Also funny to note that as of right now the Bruins have the most small forwards of any team in our division. Lucic and Chara still make them a tough team but I don't think they will be the same big bad bruins of the last 4-5 years.
  • Comment on Therrien won’t reveal Habs’ lineup until game time (with locker-room videos) (2014-05-01 17:49:19)
    I really liked the way Bournival played in round one and I agree that his style of play fits right in with 'our' game. That being said I understand the logic behind inserting Moen into the lineup. Moen is one of the best defensive forwards on the team and is one of our best PKers. Our PK struggled a bit in round one and the Bruins were firing on all cylinders on their PP. The special teams battle will be important. The Habs scored the most 5-on-5 goals per game in round one and the Bruins barely scored more than one 5-on-5 goal per game. Their PP on the other hand was clicking at over 37% and accounted for nearly 50% of their goals in round 1. The Habs will need to continue their recent even strength scoring success and limit the Bruins PP if they want to move on. Inserting Moen in the lineup makes sense if we are looking to neutralize their PP.
  • Comment on Moen takes spot on fourth line as Habs prepare for Bruins (with practice video) (2014-04-27 19:09:10)