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  • Comment on Habs GM search: What we know (2012-04-13 20:17:03)
    Another dodge. You don't fool me. As requested, list his accomplishments or are you just a fan of his French name and clueless about his competence. I know what he has done which is little unless you and your ilk still praise doctors, lawyers, and accountants
  • Comment on Habs GM search: What we know (2012-04-13 20:06:15)
    Nice dodge. His resume? What resume? I Asked for details and you present nothing more than RDS or LaPresse propaganda of promoting a local born. You might impress a few here with your long winded posts that say little but your BS answer here means nothing
  • Comment on Habs GM search: What we know (2012-04-13 20:02:32)
    So you "like" MaGuire. That makes him right?
  • Comment on Habs GM search: What we know (2012-04-13 12:18:27)
    Do you think that if Julien Brisebois name was Mike Smith he would even get a sniff? What's he ever done? Tell me exactly his accomplishments that would make him a leader of a hockey department and how a kid just out of diapers would command respect? Because he does cute French lawyer talk?What does he know? If he was so smart why did he screw up a call up some years ago and the Habs had to haul Ryan White off the ice. It never happened since the lockout and was kept hush hush about the big fine. Then you have Mcguire. Same questions. What does a fast talking cliche person know about leading people and running a hockey department. The 2 of them would get eaten alive. Next.
  • Comment on Goodbye Canadiens players, hello draft choice (2012-04-10 08:19:35)
    Pat Hickey wrote The Canadiens will also get some additional relief when they figure out what to do with Scott Gomez and his $7.3-million hit. They’ll have a $1.63-million cap hit for the next four seasons if they buy him out and no hit at all if they park him in Hamilton. --------- You are right and Hickey is wrong. There are 2 aspects to a player buyout-his salary and the team's cap hit. You correctly quote what the Habs would face concerning cap hit over the next 4 years. As for salary, a buyout would pay Gomez 2/3 of the total remaining salary over double the time remaining on the contract. Since Gomez has 2 years of contract term left and $10 Million of actual salary, he would be paid 2/3 of that $10 Million over 4 years which is double the time remaining on the contract term. In other words $1,666,667 per year for 4 years. He would also become an unrestricted free agent. If they park him in Hamilton, they will escape the cap hit but the Habs would still be responsible for paying him his full remaining salary of $5.5 million next year and $4.5 million the year after. Whatever way you look at it, Gomez wins the lottery.
  • Comment on Goodbye Canadiens players, hello draft choice (2012-04-10 08:03:47)
    Renaud Lavoie of RDS posted an interesting anonymous Habs player quote about PK "C’est Andrei Markov qui a été le plus clair en disant devant toutes les caméras qu’il ne voulait pas parler de lui. Quelques coéquipiers ont fait la même chose, dont un qui m’a dit la chose suivante sur le couvert de l’anonymat. « PK fait trop ce qu’il veut sur la glace et hors glace. » On commence donc à en avoir assez. Loose translation. Markov didn't want to discuss Subban-his team mates either, but one said the following under the cover of anonymity "PK does too much of what he wants on the ice and off the ice. We are starting to have enough of that" How long will this distraction go on? If there are no changes in perception of the perceived reality from a majority of players, is one man-PK Subban, bigger than the team? This may well be THE biggest challenge for the next GM and that is to solidify the dressing room and do whatever it takes to get there. If Nashville has a sour run and GM Poile cannot resign Shea Weber, maybe the next Habs GM should be on the phone and dangle the name of PK and whatever else to nail Shea Weber. Why not at least explore the possibility? PK would be a hit in Nashville for several reasons both on and off the ice. If you can trade Gretzky, you can trade Subban.
  • Comment on Canadiens say au revoir (2012-04-09 13:11:36)
    An Offer Sheet is a Declaration of War and depending on the contract offer, the compensation is high. The Habs would always match, then the team that made the Offer Sheet could expect their RFAs to also experience reciprocal treatment for several years after. Another unknown is whether or not GM gang warfare would arise against the GM that would put in the Offer Sheet Last year the compensation was as follows The criteria for RFA draft pick compensation in 2011-12. •$1,034,249 annual cap hit or less: No compensation •$1,034,249 — $1,567,043: Third-round pick •$1,567,043 — $3,134,088: Second-round pick •$3,134,088 — $4,701,131: First and third-round pick •$4,701,131 — $6,268,175: First, second and third-round pick •$6,268,175 — $7,835,219: Two first-round picks, a second and third •$7,835,219 and higher: Four first-round picks
  • Comment on Canadiens say au revoir (2012-04-09 12:58:40)
    Comparing the Sedins and Crosby is apples and oranges. The Sedins are today's answer to Mike Bossy-an outright pacifist and refusal to fight. The difference was that Bossy had mates such as Clark Gillies, Gary Howatt and Bobby Nystrom-heck even Billy Smith to take care of business. Last year, the Canucks had no one to push back at even a little runt such as Marchand-hence, the trade for Kassian this year. Then in years past, you had guys such as Guy Lafleur or Jacques Lemaire that took beatings from teams like the Bruins and Flyers-much worse than ANYTHING Crosby has ever experienced, and they shut their mouths and found a way to play through it and win Cups. As mentioned, Crosby is a great player and perhaps will go down as one of the best ever when all is said and done, yet in the mean time, his yapping, diving, faking, and cheap shots will not go unnoticed and unpaid. Crosby has a decision to make. Either back off and let some others take care of business, or continue on and expect some payback but PLEASE stop with the all the time whining when getting hit.
  • Comment on Canadiens say au revoir (2012-04-09 11:18:26)
    There is little doubt that Crosby is a great player. That being said, he is often given a BIG FREE PASS for some of the garbage he dishes out. Besides his constant yapping and whining, he is far from lily white concerning his own Cheap Shots which opposing players will pay back Here are just a sample few: Crosby dirty Slew Foot on Ryan Callahan Crosby being a 3rd man in a fight and punching away Crosby cross checks and elbow to the head of Nick Foligno As for his diving, there is not enough space here to post all the video links. His dives usually cause penalties and riles up the other team. As for his yapping towards other players and referees, again a simple google search will keep you busy for hours looking at the clips. He better clean up his act because one day in some far off arena when the score is out of hand and he pulled some of his crap during a game to make a player look bad, the payback might not be so nice.
  • Comment on Canadiens say au revoir (2012-04-09 10:50:14)
    To those wondering about Carey Price sporting a cowboy hat Saturday night, that was done as a precaution towards aggravating concussions symptoms. Bright lights and flashes in some cases can cause an increase in symptoms or problems that could prolong the rehab period. Concussion victims are always told to somehow avoid bright sunlight-flashes-video games...Price was courageous (???) just to show up.